Kazakh food
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Kazakh food

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Kazakh food
Kazakh food
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Kazakh national food


1)      Find the odd word


1) milk, cheese, ham

2) juice, bread, milk.

3) milk, bread , bananas.

4)  sweets, cakes, fish

5) toast, sandwich, butter, bread

6) steak beef, pork, chicken



2) Read the text                                         

                                                    Traditional foods

           The traditional Kazakhstan food include mutton and horse-beef as well as sour-milk products which are closely associated with nomadic way of life. The main  Beshbarmak prepares from mutton, a horse - beef. Beshbarmak - a dish eaten with five fingers. The sheep's head was for respected guests
Kuyrdak - was prepared from slaughtering meat
Bauyrsak - national dish of Kazakhs, prepares from flour
The tastiest meats of the horse were zhal, zhaya, kazy, and karta.
- is a very dear and delicious meal
Karta - a large horse intestine which was very tasty when cooked.
Zhal - the layer of fat under a horse's mane. Zhal was another special portion of fat sliced especially for invited guests, to be served with kazy, a rump
Zhaya - rump of a horse, this is very delicious;
Kurt - This is a product prepared by the process of pressing thick sour cream.
National drinks koumiss, shubat, airan.
Airan - sour milk - Kazakh used this winter and summer, cow's milk was given to kids.
Shubat - fermented camel's milk - Shubat often served as a medicine.
Kymyz - were made of horse’s milk. Kymyz - This is a very useful for health.
Kaimak - sour cream. This is also made of milk
Milk was most used diary product.


3. Complete the sentences:
a) Our traditional home cooked food is_________________
b) Our favourite meat dishes are: ______________________
c) The most popular drinks are: ________________________
d) For guests and friends we like to prepare _______________






Kazakh national food 1)

Kazakh national food 1)
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