Urbanization Worksheet
Оценка 4.8

Urbanization Worksheet

Оценка 4.8
Рабочие листы
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9 кл—11 кл
Urbanization Worksheet
Рабочий лист на тему "Урбанизация"
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 Urbanization Worksheet


Created by Olga Fadeeva


Read the sentences and put them in the right order to make the text.  



a) First of all, political causes play a big role in urbanization. 


b) Urban areas offer opportunities for seeking high-quality education. 


c) Many young rural people migrate to urban areas in order to seek a better lifestyle. 


d) Furthermore, cities have clubs to attract youth.


e) Another important cause of urbanization is an economic cause. 


f) Most noteworthy, urban areas offer a more easy-going liberal lifestyle. 


g) Moreover, farmers are finding it very hard to earn enough money and make a living. 


h) Such handsome education opportunities attract many young people in rural areas to move to urban areas.


i) Many people get forced to leave rural areas for urban areas due to political unrest. 


j) Deforestation destroys the natural habitat of many farming families. 


k) Moreover, many young people want to escape the conservative culture of rural areas. 


l) Furthermore, poverty is a widespread phenomenon in rural areas. 


m) Furthermore, mining and industrial expansion also harm the natural habitat of farming families.


n) Education is a strong cause of urbanization. 


o) Environmental degradation also plays a part in contributing to urbanization. 


p) Therefore, many families go to urban areas in search of food, shelter, and employment.


q) The social cause is another notable reason for urbanization. 


r) Moreover, urbanization offers opportunities for studying at universities and technical colleges. 


s) Consequently, rural people move to urban areas in search of better job opportunities.




1 – a

11 – h

2 – i

12 – o

3 – p

13 – j

4 – e

14 – m

5 – l

15 – q

6 – g

16 – c

7 – s

17 – k

8 – n

18 – f

9 – b

19 – d

10 – r



Urbanization Worksheet Created by

Urbanization Worksheet Created by

5 – l 15 – q 6 – g 16 – c 7 – s 17 – k 8 – n 18 – f 9…

5 – l 15 – q 6 – g 16 – c 7 – s 17 – k 8 – n 18 – f 9…
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