Assignment to «Android Studio review» lecture
Оценка 4.6

Assignment to «Android Studio review» lecture

Оценка 4.6

Hey there!

In programming, technologies are developing very rapidly and therefore you need to get used to it from the very beginning. In this task, you need to deal with the updated interface of Android Studio on your own with the help of the prompts below.

In the next video, I will briefly review the functionality of Android Studio using the example of creating a new project. Android Studio is regularly updated and the interface often changes a little.

Therefore, when creating a project, there will be some differences, that could confuse some students, so I've posted screenshots of step-by-step project creation here. You can open this lecture in another window and check with the next video.

So, let's begin.

The first window has not changed

Second step added - Choose your project.

Leave the default Empty Activity and click Next.

In the third step, small changes.

The Application name field is now simply called Name, Company domain - Package name, Project location - Save location.

The bottom field of the Package name is now gone, as it used to repeat the Company domain.

The default language option is Kotlin, so you need to change this option to Java.

Also at this step there is an option to select the Minimum API level, which was previously at the next step.

We can now click Help me choose in this window and see the ratio of different APIs, as we will do in the video.

And this is the last step in creating a project. Click Finish.

Next, a project is created and you can follow the instructions in the video.

For some students, when creating a project, the Project option is selected in the upper left corner. In this case, you need to select the Android option.

I hope you will now understand the next lecture better. In any case, if you encounter any difficulties, write in the section "Questions and Answers" to the appropriate lecture, and I will try to answer them as quickly as possible!

Happy coding!

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