Views Types
Оценка 4.7

Views Types

Оценка 4.7

The first thing we will start to learn in Android is Views.

So what is a View? In essence, View is a rectangle that shows some content on the screen. This can be a picture, a button, text, in general, anything that can appear on the screen. Of all these Views, the so-called screen layout - Layout - is compiled. Everything that you see and interact with on the screen of your smartphone is called the user interface - User Interface, or UI.

There are many types of View.

A view that shows some text is called a TextView.

View which shows some image is called ImageView.

View which shows some button is called Button.

Android still has a lot of different Views, but for now we will focus on these 3 views.

That is, any application can be divided into separate Views that make it up.

In other words, View is the main unit for building application markup.

Let's move on to practice to make this more clear.

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