At the doctor
Оценка 4.9 (более 1000 оценок)

At the doctor

Оценка 4.9 (более 1000 оценок)
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At the doctor

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Zarafshan city school № 8 Demonstrative lesson For the 4th form On the theme “Project” (Unit 11 “At the doctor”)   Prepared by Musayeva L. M

The Motto: “Health is the greatest wealth”
The aim of the lesson:
-to learn to say illnesses;
-to learn to ask and answer Yes/ No questions about illnesses one had in the past
B) Developing:
- to enable pupils to ask and answer Yes/ No questions about illnesses one had in the past
- to enable pupils to read and give information about graphs;
- to develop the pupils` speaking skills.
C) Socio- cultural:
To learn to be healthy and active.

The Method of the lesson:
Mixed, group work, role play.
The Type of the lesson:
To give the new knowledge
The Style of the lesson:
Visual, tactile, auditory.
laptop, projector, cards, pictures, the DVD.

The plan of the lesson:
I Greeting 5
II Warm up activity 5
III Checking up homework 3
IV Presentation the new theme 20
V Consolidation 10
VI Homework 2

The procedure of the lesson:

Good morning dear pupils and guests. We begin our “Healthy child ” program. Is there anything more important than health? “Health is the greatest wealth” people in old time used to say. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. You can not be good at your studies or work when you are ill. Everyone is responsible for his or her own health.
T: How are you my dears?
P: OK.
T: What season is it now?
P: Spring.
T: What holidays do we celebrate in spring?
P: “Women`s Day and Navruz.”
T: Who of our great people was born in spring?
P: Zulfiyahonim, Abdulla Oripov, Amir Temur.
T: Do you know any poems about mothers and spring?
P: ---------------------
T: How is 2017 year named?
P: 2017 is proclaimed “Year of dialogue with the people and of people`s interests.”

You know that in spring we need a lot of vitamins and energy. Not to be sick we should eat fresh fruit and vegetables. And I want to invite my assistant Mr Vitamin.
V: Good morning. How are you?
Today we will able to:
- say some illnesses;
-give advice to relieve some illnesses;
-learn how to be healthy;

V: I want to check how you are active and energetic. Warm up activity with the first group.
T: We shall play the game “Tap your friend`s head ” You should stand up, go around and tap your friend`s head saying only one word but coming to any of them you can say another word, you can change your word and immediately run to your sit. If pupil can not catch you he or she will continue the game.

T: Let`s check your homework. (Asking proverbs about health)
To revise last theme:
V: I have an activity about sicknesses. You must write word combination. Which group will do it first and correct is winner.
The new theme:
T: Have you got questions?
P: I have a sore throat. Can you help me?
T: What a pity? You should pass the doctor`s checking. I want to invite to our studio a highly qualified specialist and pediatr Mr. Jakhongir and our school nurse Miss. Shakhzoda.

D:Good morning. Come in. Sit down, please. Now tell me what`s wrong?
P: Oh, I havea sore throat.
D: Well, can you open your mouth?
D: You have a sore throat. Let`s take your temperature. I will put a thermometr in your armpit. You don`t have a temperature. Did you have the flu in February?
P: Yes, I did and high temperature too.
T: Pupils you should open your workbook on page 61 and put a tick or cross for the illnesses you had in February. For example: I had a cold in February.
D: Let`s give some advices and recipes for all pupils. It is a dog rose tea. You must drink it three times a day before eating. You should gargle your throat with camomile. My assistant Miss Shakhzoda will give advice not to get cold.
N: Have you got masks my dears? The masks, lemons and oxyline ointment will protect you from cold. Sports is important too. Do you like sports? What sports can you do?
(Showing sports)

T: It is horrible to have a cold. You sneeze and cough. Your nose runs and you can feel very tired or have a headache . If you are unlucky and do get a cold, what can you do to avoid passing it to others?
P1: Don`t cough or sneeze near other people`s faces.
P2: Don`t share cups.
P3: Don`t kiss other people.
P4: Use tissues when you blow your nose or sneeze. Then put the tissue in the bin and wash your hands.

T: Yes, you are right. Next question, please.
P: I have a tummy ache. Give me advice, please.
T: We invite highly qualified doctor Miss Raykhona.
D: Unhealthy food is bad for our stomach. Let`s play game. There are some healthy and unhealthy foods in the classroom. You must find them. The first group will gather healthy food, the second group unhealthy.
G1: Sweets, chocolate and crisps are fun to eat sometimes but it is not good to eat them every day.
D: Yes, These things contain too much sugar, fat or salt.
G2: Water or juices are better than coke.
G1: One can of cola contains about nine teaspoons of sugar.
G1: We should eat cabbage or other vegetables with every meal and plenty of fruit too.
D: You are right. Fruit and vegetables help you stay healthy and grow strong. Let`s make a fruit salad.

V: Let`s do a listening task. You must listen and number the pictures.

T: Have you got any question?
P: I have a tooth ache. Please, give me advice.I want to have healthy teeth.
T: To answer this question we invite our dentist Mr. Temur.

P: Good morning ,doctor.
D: Good morning. What`s wrong?
P: Oh, doctor I have a toothache.
D: Well, can you open your mouth? Hmm, you don`t have a sore throat. Let me look at your teeth. Hmm, you have a toothache and cavity. Look at the monitor . Eating a lot of sugar is bad for your teeth. Milk is good because it contains a lot of calcium. You need calcium to help your 206 bones to grow and keep your teeth strong.

V: Let`s give riddles to the pupils and guests. They are products and they are good for our teeth.
1. I am orange.
My top is green.
I am a vegetable.
2. I am yellow and long.
I am a fruit.
Monkeys like me.
3. What`s red or green, round
And sometimes sweet and
Sometimes sour?
4. I am white.
You can drink me .
I am in the dairy group.
5. I can sometimes be light
Brown or white.
I have yellow stuff inside
Me. I am a protein.
6. The father and the mother,
And all their little kids
Wear dresses made of
Silver coins or little silver lids.

D: Let`s brush our teeth.
Side to side,
Up and down
Turn right, turn left.
T: Thank you my dear pupils.
The teacher invites the “Sick boy” to her and asks about his feeling “How are you feeling now? Are you better? Have you got anything useful for yourself? ” Boy- Yes, thank you and all the pupils for such helpful advice and information. I’ve got much better now, and I have learnt that I must eat only healthy food, and do exercises.
As a final point of our lesson I want to thank all the pupils for their active participation and let’s count all your stars but nevertheless I put all of you “5”. As you know our president is paying much attention to the reading because reading develops our imagination and knowledge, widens our outlook. That’s why I suggest you to read more books as those over there ( teacher points to some books).
As usual you will get a home task and it is to make up sentences with the illnesses you had in February. We shall discuss them at the next lesson. But for now I wish you all the best, and our lesson is over. Good Bye!

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