Merry Christmas in our school.

Merry Christmas in our school.

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Merry Christmas in our school.

Christmas is the most popular holidays in our school. In Russia people are orthodox Christians. Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January in our country.

We study English at school, that’s why all the children are interested in Christmas traditions in Britain.

In Britain people are catholic Christians. They celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. The children of our school are preparing for the Catholic Christmas party too.

They decorate classrooms with fur-trees, tinsel, lights, toys and Christmas wreaths.

The children of the primary school write the letters to Santa Claus and draw Christmas stockings.

They make fur-trees from color paper.

The children of the secondary school decorate X-mas cards with wishes of happiness, kindness and health.

The children make beautiful posters with traditional meal of English-speaking countries and their recipe.

The children of the secondary school make different project with great interest. They create Christmas calendars, sew Christmas stockings, and make presentations.

Then teachers and children decorate the Christmas exhibition.

On the 25th of December teachers and children have meetings in the classrooms, drink tea, sing Christmas songs and exchange presents.

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