Презентация Earth day
Оценка 4.7 (более 1000 оценок)

Презентация Earth day

Оценка 4.7 (более 1000 оценок)
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Vocabulary work

Litter bin

Vocabulary work


Vocabulary work

Окружающая природа

throw into rubbish bin

Vocabulary work


Vocabulary work

Recycle перерабатывать
Reuse заново использовать
Reduce уменьшить

Vocabulary work


Vocabulary work

Throw into
rubbish bin

Vocabulary work

Сut down trees
Рубить деревья

Vocabulary work

Take care of nature
Заботиться о природе

Vocabulary work

Make fires in the forest

Vocabulary work

Destroy birds’ nests
Разорять гнезда птиц

Earth Day

On the 22nd of April we celebrate Earth Day. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. Now this holiday is popular in more than 192 countries around the world.
Earth Day is a very special day. On this day, people think about air, water to drink, food, animals and plants.
Earth Day is also the time to remember that we share the Earth, our home, with millions of other plants and animals. Some people’s activities do a lot of harm to the forests. People cut down trees to build farms, homes and roads. Many animals and plants lose their homes.
 So the problem now is to protect life on Earth, and to save our planet for the future.

The first Earth Day was - in 1917 - in 1970 - in 2007

2. Earth Day was born
In Russia
- in Great Britain
In America

3. More than - 100 countries - 50 countries - 200 countries celebrate Earth Day

Rules for saving the Earth

You should….
You shouldn’t…

Throw litter into bin Don’t waste water Don’t destroy birds’ nests Save the forest Don’t pick up flowers No fishing Don't hunt animals Don’t make fire in the forest Don’t catch butterflies Don’t fishing

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