Урок для 4 класса Stucture to be going to
Оценка 4.7

Урок для 4 класса Stucture to be going to

Оценка 4.7
Работа в классе
английский язык
4 кл
Урок для 4 класса Stucture to be going to
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 Form 4 «Ә»




The aim:






 Org. moment:















The main part:





































Advanced pupils
















Weak pupils






























 The 9 th of December.    Friday.     № 



Structure of to be going to

To organize of pupils activity in learning English

1) Check your knowledge

2) structure to be going to

3) Develop pupils` listening, speaking and use of English


The procedure of the lesson:

T: Good afternoon, pupils!

C:Good afternoon, good afternoon

Good afternoon to you!

Good afternoon dear teacher I`m glad to see you!

T: I am glad to see you to! Sit, down please!



The procedure of the lesson:

Let`s check your homework. And give points. During the lesson Iam going to give you full hearts and half hearts according your answers.


Today we are going to have structure of to be going to. As you know be going to  use in Present Continuous tense. What tense is it? Who knows?

Созылмалы осы шық. Right! And structure of to be going to we use if we plan something.

I am going to school every day. Мен күнде мектепке барамын.

I am going to go to school. Мен мектепке баруды жоспарлаймын. Қашан баратыным белгісіз.


To BE going to V (негізгі етістік)

What kind of verbs do you know?


There was a kingdom to be  AM, IS, ARE.


Am –I,   Is-she,he,it.  Are –you, they, we.



I-----am going to   -------ride a bike.

You ------are going  to  ------go to school.

She -------is going to ------write  a letter.

He ----is going to -------read a book.

It -----is going to   ------play with ball.

We-----are going to -----hide.

You----are going to ----run.

They -----are going to------climb a  stone.


2.Ex 1 p28 go to the blackboard.

Connect the sentences

Mr. Wilson is going to climb a stone.

Mr. Wilson is going to sit.

Children are going run down a hill.

Children are going hide.

Children are going to swim.

3.Complete the table.












the nicest


more expensive




the most beautiful



the most difficult














5.Let`s join the video


G:What are you going to do tonight? Do you have special plans?

E:Yes, I do. Actually  I am going to play tennis.

G:Who are you going to play with?

E:My sister.

G:How long are you going to play?

E:For two hours. And believe me, this time I am not going to lose.


Ex 2a, 2b p28 find the characters of the picture. And translate



Have you understand the theme? Was it interesting for you? Do you have any questions? The lesson is over! Good-bye!


Your marks for the lesson ...



Form 4 «Ә» Theme: The aim:

Form 4 «Ә» Theme: The aim:

Advanced pupils

Advanced pupils

Reflection. Marks.

Reflection. Marks.
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