Годовая контрольная работа. 5 класс
Оценка 4.6 (более 1000 оценок)

Годовая контрольная работа. 5 класс

Оценка 4.6 (более 1000 оценок)
Контроль знаний
английский язык
5 кл
Имеются 2 варианта.

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Контрольная работа. 5 класс.




I. Read the text and mark the statementsT(true) or F(false)

My family likes travelling.  Father travels a lot for his work. He collects glasses: he brings them from different countries and cities. Best of all he likes glasses from Wales with a dragon on it. All the glasses have symbols of the countries. Father knows many interesting things about these countries. Such souvenirs help us to learn History and Geography.

My brother Mark is fond of sports, so he collects tickets from different football matches. The most valuable ticket is from Brazil.

Mum and I have got a wonderful collection of dolls from France, Italy, Russia and Turkey. The Turkish doll is the most beautiful. These souvenirs  help to remember the places we visited.

1.     Father travels a lot for his hobby.

a)     True       b) False

2.     Father has got a collection of  scarves, which are from different countries.

a)     True     b) False

3.     We learn History and Geography with the help of father`s collection.

a)     True         b) False

4.     Mark likes to collect footballs.

a)     True     b) False

5.     I and my mum have a wonderful collection of dolls.

a)     True    b) False

6.     The Russian dolls are the most beautiful.

a)     True    b) False



II. Read the sentences and choose the correct variant.

1.     Look! There….. new subjects in our timetable

a)     Is b) are c) were

2.     They …. got special powers

a)     Has b) have c) had

3.     …. favourite  subject is English.

a)     Her b) She c) Them

4.     My grandma …. ….. now.

a)     Works b) is sleeping c) went shopping

5) They …. sing songs at school.

a) don`t b) doesn`t c)haven`t

6) Roger has got a new….

a) bikesb) caps c) bike

7) There …. some sandwiches in my lunch box.

a) isb) have c) are

8) ….they …..stories on Sunday?

a) Are they reading b) Does they read c) Do they read

9) Look at ….. tigers over there. They are beautiful and strong.

a) thisb) those c) these

10) It ….. windy in Moscow tomorrow.

a) is b) will be c) was

11) Nick can ….. very well

a) to ride a bike b) ride a bike c) rides a bike




III. Read the sentences and fill the gaps with the words in the box.

family   block of flats  timetable   subjects  collection  souvenir  lesson American


1.     I like to collect dolls. I have got big a  ……..

2.     Lily went to Spain last autumn with her…..

3.     He lives in very high and modern …….

4.     What is your favourite…….? – Maths.

5.     I want to buy a  ……- How about this teddy bear?

6.     Mary was born in New York. She is ………

7.     The Geography………is in room 206.

8.     We have a lot of new subjects in our …… this year




















Контрольная работа. 5 класс.

2 вариант.


I. Read the text and mark the statements T(true) or F(false)

My name`s Sheila . I`m nine years old and I am from London, the capital of England. I live with my mother in a small house in HumpsteadHeath . There is only one bedroom in my house. I share it with my mother. My house is small, but very cozy.  Upstairs there is a bedroom, a hall and a bathroom. In the bedroom we have a big bed, a table, a lamp, a big armchair. In the bathroom there is a bath, a mirror abovethe  washbasin. Downstairs there is a living room and a kitchen. There is no dining room and so we eat our meal in the kitchen. It has got a table, two chairs, a fridge, a cooker, a big white cupboard where we keep our plates and glasses. I love my house!

1.     Sheila is from USA.

a)     True    b) False

2.     She lives with her mother.

a)     True   b) False

3.     There are two bedrooms in the house

a)     True   b) False

4.      Sheila has got her own room.

a)     True    b) False

5.     The bathroom is upstairs.

a)     True   b) False

6.     There is no dining room in the house.

a)     True             b)False


II. Read the sentences and choose the correct variant.

1.     What is Tony doing? – He … choosing   the  subjects  for this year.

a)     Is   b) are   b) has

2.     Mike …… got a new bicycle.

a)     Have  b) has  c) can

3.     My friend …… tennis three times a week.

a)     Played  b) plays   c) play

4.     I can …….

a)     To draw  b) draw  c) drew

5.     The seals … swim in the river.

a)     Don`t   b) doesn’t c) aren`t

6.     …. take part in sports contest.

a)     Children  b) Child  c) Childrens

7.     Monica…… her grandparents tomorrow.

a)     Will visit  b) visited  c) visits

8.     Look at …… bicycles. They are nice.

a)     That  b) This  c) These

9.     Children have got new ……..

a)     Guitars   b) guitar   c) helmet

10.  There……a living room in our house.

a)     Are  b) is  c) was

11.  …… they study Geography every week?

a)     Does  b) Do  c) Are


III. Read the sentences and fill the gaps with the words in the box.

School bag   collection    subject   new    pen  block of flats  dining room  downstairs 

1.     So what`s your favorite  ……..? - Literature

2.     I have books, a ruler, a sharpener, a rubber in my …..

3.     We usually have dinner in the ………

4.     My ……. contains 68 stamps.

5.     I live on the third floor in a nice big …..

6.     ……… there is a kitchen and a bathroom.

7.     Please give me a…… I need to write down my home task.

8.     My name is John. I`m …. to the school. Nice to meet you.


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