Презентация по английскому языку "Мальцев Т.С."
Оценка 4.8 (более 1000 оценок)

Презентация по английскому языку "Мальцев Т.С."

Оценка 4.8 (более 1000 оценок)
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Презентация по английскому языку об известном полеводе Мальцеве Т.С. выполнена в рамках проектной деятельности

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Проект-конкурс «Мой Дом, Моя Земля»/«My Home, My Land» - 2019

Outstanding persons of the native land:
Terenti Semyonovich

Author: Kostromitina Anastasia, Form 6 V, school 41, Kurgan, 2019 Teacher: Samkova S.V.


Terenti Semyonovich Maltsev

I want to tell about the famous agriculturist who made a big contribution to development of agriculture of the Kurgan region. Agriculturist of collective farm Lenin's
Precepts" of the Shadrinsk region of Kurgan region, twice Hero of Socialist Work, Honorary academician of VASHNIL, deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR and Supreme Council of RSFSR, winner of the Stalin award, honourable citizen of Kurgan region


Terenti Semyonovich Maltsev  was born on November 10, 1895 in the
village of Maltsevo Krivsky Volost of Shadrinsk county Perm province (the village of Maltsevo of the Shadrinsk district of the Kurgan region now). 
Here he lived all the  life, except time of military service in World War I 
and the German captivity. On this earth he took the first  steps, then under
supervision of the father he carried out the first furrow, sowed an arable land grain and grew up the first harvest on a grain field. Also there was no great happiness for it, than communication with the grain field

Terenti Semyonovich made the first selection experiments in 1922 and since then carried out practical and skilled work. In 1925 he organized an agricultural circle, then with the fellows villager created association on joint processing of the earth. At the organization of collective farm in 1930 it was elected unanimously by the agriculturist whom it remained  until the end of life. The collective farm from first years gained popularity through the whole country the steady, big crops


In 1935 Terenti Semyonovich participated in the 2ndAll-Union congress of collective farmers-drummers. Acting from a tribune, he urged delegates to be engaged more widely in research on places. In 1939,1940,1941 Maltsev participated in the All-Union agricultural exhibition of the USSR, and in 1946 it get the Stalin award. Later Maltsev participated in work of the 3rd, 4th and 5th All-Union congresses of collective farmers, he even opened the 3rd All-Union congress of collective farmers

In 1950 at collective farm" Lenin's Precepts" the Shadrinsk experimental station was created. Her director appointed Maltsev. Terenti Semyonovich lived in constant search. Deeply studied the theory and  practice of agriculture, relied on achievements of biological science, he proved and introduced methods of closing and preservation of moisture, use of grades of wheat of different terms of maturing inproduction, determined optimum for the Trans-Ural region the term of landing of summer culture, on a new theoretical basis developed bezotvalny processing of the soil. In huge field laboratory into which  the arable land turned non-standard, daring ideas were born. Checked and tested by practice, they were embodied in the well-known maltsev`s system of agriculture over time

In August, 1954 in the village of Maltsevo the All-Union meeting on studying and distribution of methods of work of Terenti Semyonovich Maltsev was held. In the adopted resolution approved production and scientific activity of Terenti Semyonovich, set the tasks for research establishments, collective farms and state farms of widespread introduction of a maltsev`s system taking into account local conditions.  For 70 years Maltsev had a huge impact on agriculture of the Trans-Ural region, Siberia and Northern Kazakhstan. Maltsev`s methods of processing of the soil were applied on the million of hectares of fields

In 1956  Terenti Semyonovich was elected  by honorary academician VASKHNIL . He was elected the deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR of four convocations, the deputy of the Supreme Council of RSFSR  of six convocations,  the deputy of Kurgan regional council, since 1943, was a delegate of nine congresses of the CPSU. Maltsev brought up the most important  questions of development of society, stated the point of view at  the sessions of the Supreme Council of the USSR, the SupremeCouncil of RSFSR,regional council of deputies of workers, conferences and plenums, forums of public organizations, addressed with offers, requests and requirements to the Central Committee of the CPSU and to the Government, to the ministries and departments, was on reception at the top officials of the country


Sources of the peacekeeping movement had Terenti Semyonovich in the country since the end of the 40th years, in 1952 participated in work of the World congress  of defenders of peace in Vienna. In 1986 he is awarded the order "Big Star of Friendship of the People" of the German Democratic Republic. The labor and scientific feat of Maltsev was appreciated by the state. He is twice a Hero of Socialist Work, the gentleman of six Orders of Lenin, two awards of the Labour Red Banner, awards of the October Revolution and “ Badge of Honour" ,many medals. For special merits before the people “ in preservation and development of the best of the tradition Russian peasantry" Terenti Semyonovich awarded ranks "Honourable Citizen of Russia" .  Terenti Semyonovich died  on August 11, 1994,is buried at the cemetery of the village of Maltsevo

In the Kurgan region founded a regional award of Terenti Semyonovich Maltsev which is annually handed for high of Maltsev which is annually handed for high rates in field husbandry development. In the village of Maltsevo established a bust twice to the Hero Socialist Work Maltsev, opened T.S. Maltsev's House museum. To the notable agriculturist gave (posthumously) the rank "Honourable Citizen of the Kurgan Region".The name of Terenti Semyonovich Maltsev with advantage is born by Kurgan state agricultural academy and the Shadrinsk agricultural experimental station


On November 10, 2015, in 120-year anniversary of Terenti Semyonovich, in Kurgan solemnly opened a monument in his honor. Construction of a memorial complex happened on donations, without attraction of budgetary funds. In total for a short  period over 8 million rubles were collected. The monument to the great scientist and grain-grower was established in Zaozyorny the residential district, on the street, on the street bearing a name of Terenti Semyonovich Maltsev 

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