Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Speaking about schools" (8 класс)
Оценка 4.6 (более 1000 оценок)

Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Speaking about schools" (8 класс)

Оценка 4.6 (более 1000 оценок)
Презентации учебные
английский язык
8 кл

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The theme: Speaking about schools 8th form
The aims: ­ introduce the systems of education in Kazakhstan  ­to explain them useful information about Education Developing: ­ to develop pupil’s vocabulary and making up sentences ability ­ to compare education in UK,USA and Kazakhstan ­ to learn new words about Education ­ doing different levels exercises which to use grammar structures in  a right form What must they learn: ­ to speak useful information about education in oral speech ­ to develop speaking habits which is describing own country’s  school in English and doing practical work Resources used: slides, active board, a map, posters. Literature: English textbook for the 8th class, internet materials.
 I. Organization moment.  II. Checking up the homework.   ­What is your hometask?  ­Your hometask was to repeat all the materials about  education.  (“Hot chair” әдісімен үй тапсырмасын тексеру)  III. Warm­up.  Our  lesson is called: “Speaking aboutchools”.  ­Today we shall repeat the material about education and  do the exercises, work with pictures, work with text and  work with the interactive board. 3 1/11/17
Rules of lesson 1. You must be attentively 2. Work in groups 3. Answer the questions 4. Speaking 5. Say your opinions 6.    First think then speak
Check up home work Speaking Schools in  Kazakhstan British  Schools
Projects: “ My School” “Our Classroom” “My Timetable”
1. Translate into English Мектеп­ Директор­ Сабақ кестесі­ Білім беру жүйесі­ Жеке мектеп­ Мемлекеттік мектеп­ Менің мектебім­ Менің сүйікті пәнім­ Әдемі мектеп­ Жақсы ұстаз­ Жақсы оқушы­
“Шала” Kazakh Біздің родина­Қазақстан Қазақстан –үлкен государство Мен Орал городта тұрамын Мен Қараөзен поселке живу Я қазақпын Я білемін английский
Warming up: Dear friends, answer my questions a)     Is your school large or small? b)    Where is your school located? c)     How many floors has your school got? d)    Is there sports ground near your school?
The school  The school has doors that open wide And friendly teachers wait inside Hurry, hurry, let`s go in For soon the lessons will begin Books and pencils I will need When I start to write and read Lots to learn and lots to do I like to go to school, don`t you?
New words:  1. bell- қоңырау 2. break- үзіліс 3. chalk- бор 4. curriculum- оқу жоспары 5.duster- сүрткіш 6. education- білім 7. head teacher- оқу ісінің меңгерушісі 8. headmaster\headmistr ess- директор 9. mark- баға 10. timetable- 11. To be late for class- сабаққа кешігу 12. To skip classes- сабақ қалдыру 13.To take attendance- келген оқушыларды тіркеу 14. state school- мемлекеттік мектеп 15. secondary school- орта мектеп 16. comprehensive school- жалпы білім беретін мектеп 17. private school- ақылы мектеп 18. fee- зарплата 19. primary school- бастауыш мектеп 20. boarding school- интернат
Reading     The class is divided into 3 groups, after reading,  the groups will make the schemes on a piece of  paper, the leaders of the groups will show them on  the interactive board & retell their texts  Group I  Group II        Group III
Сlassrooms are large and A school year has 2 School is free and terms. After every compulsory for all term students have children. Children go to take exams. to school when they They can get A, B, are 7 and finish C, d or F grade. The Every student has his when they are 19. best students get or her own table and There are 30 to 38 Students study 6 A, good students chair. students in one years in elementary have B, and There are special class. Uniform is not school. They study 2 students, who don’t computer classrooms worn at school. But years in middle study well, have C. for different lessons. some schools have school and 4 years in If a student gets D their own dress high school. or F, he will study a code year again. Timetable Do you like English?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 What do some schools have? s t u d e n t s a r t e l e m e n t a r y c o m p u l s a r y t e r m s s c h o o l отве отве отве отве отве отве отве отве отве т т т т т т т т т t w o g r a d e In what school do children They study … years in middle When children like Music and Children who go to American After every term students School in the USA is free and They study six years in high They can get A, B, C, D or F … Painting they can choose … A school year has 2 … … e x a m s study 6 years? school have to take… school are called … … …
Schools in Australia
Hi! My name is Krosh. I’ve got a pen-friend in well. Help me to read it, please Australia. Her name is Susan. She has sent me a letter. But I don’t know English
Hello, Krosh! How are you? I’m fine. I’m at secondary school now. We have a lot of new subjects: History, Geography, Biology and two foreign languages. The fourth term has just begun. Remember that a school year in Australia begins in the end of January and finishes in December. I’m looking forward to my summer holidays, they are the longest school holidays. We don’t go to school for some weeks. We also have small breaks between terms: usually 10 or 14 days in April, July and September. I have six lessons a day. They are given from Monday to Friday. Usually the school day begins at 8.45am and ends at 3pm. There are breaks for lunch between lessons. We have lots of different school clubs. My parents have bought me a great bicycle! Now I go to school by bike. Bicycles are very popular in Australia. Lots of students use them. For those who live far from school there are special school buses, they bring children to school. All students wear school uniform. The colour of the uniform is chosen by the school. See you! Susan
Now, do my tasks! Choose the right ending Thank you! In Australia all The longest school Students go to students A school year in holidays are A school year in Australia has school a)wear the same a) In April and May Australia begins a) two terms a)by bus uniform b) in December and a)In September b) six terms b)by bicycle b)wear different January b)In January c) four terms c) on foot c) In July and August uniform c)In May c) don’t wear Well! Thanks! You are school uniform OK! in wear right! Great! in December different by bike four terms Januar and school and by y January uniform bus
In Japan children go to elementary school for 6 years , middle school for 3 years, high school for 3 years, and university for 4 years.
Kindergarten is optional and usually starts at age 3. Alternately, there is government- supervised day-care, which will also provide some preschool education.
A typical Japanese elementary school class has around 30 to 40 students.
The Japanese school year starts in April. The Japanese school year starts in April.
Summer vacation is about 40 days long. It generally goes from about July 20th to August 31st.
Many private schools have rules saying that students must wear their uniform at all times, on or off campus.
Students study subjects such as social studies, Japanese, math, science/technology history, healthy living, computer science, music, art , physical education, and home economics
Semantic map Subjects                               Preposition                                 Primary History Infant Between Secondary English Maths On Private 5­7 Grammar school 11­16 School cap Blazer Foreign languages Schools                               Comprehensive a hat, a coat, a skirt, a  blouse at       BACK             Uniform                                     Age                                     NEXT BACKNEXT
 Маршруттық карта   Оқушының аты- жөні: _____________________________________   Нұсқаулықпен таныс! Тапсырмаларды мұқият қарап, аялдама бойынша орында. Өткен «Education» тақырыбын қайталап, еске түсір Керек жағдайда көршіңнен көмек сұра. Қосымша материалдар қолдан( кітапша, сөздік т.б)   Тапсырмалар: 1-аялдама. «Білім » ұғымына саятын 10 сөз жаз. (2мин) 3балл   2-аялдама. Translate into Kazakh language. (1мин) Our school has got two floors. It is located not far from the center of the city. During the English lessons we also do many exercises. There are some private schools in England. 1 балл   3-аялдама. . Сурет бойынша шағын эссе жаз. (5мин) 5балл
 4-аялдама. .Білім туралы мақал- мәтелдер жаз. (2мин) 5 балл     5-аялдама. Жұмысыңды оқы, дәлелде. (1мин) 2 балл     6-аялдама. Өз- өзіңді бағала. (1мин)  «5» - 16 балл  «4» - 11-15 балл  «3» - 6-10 балл  6 баллдан төмен- көп жұмыстану керек!
Conclusion   3 min   Write a sinqueen “Subjects” the method of I.Conclusion Let’s analyze our lesson with “Thinkwein” I’ll give you 3 minutes, you must do it in written form. 1-Noun. 2.-Adjective. 3- Verb. 4.One consist of four words. 5-Synonym. sentence which Pupils write their own ideas concerning the lesson .   Example: “subject” English 1- subject. 2-individual subject. 3-read, look, write. 4- is my Favourite subject. He reads history subject 5-subject matter
Hometask Ex  2 p 93 Comment on the use of  should To learn by heart new rhyme You have worked well today. I’m grateful to all of you for today’s lesson. See you next week. Goodbye
What can you tell about today’s lesson?      Was it sensible, useful…? Marks
Қасанғалиев  Арманға тапсырма:  Our school has got ... floors.  It is located not far from the ... of the city.  During the English .... we also do many exercises.  There are some private .... in England.
Exercise III. Put the correct preposition from the following list From, in, with, between, of, at, to, on  1.Harry started school__________ the age of  2.They have a holiday _______ Christmas.  3.There is a holiday ________ the summer, five. too.  4.The teachers ________ the school are very young.  5.Dan goes ______ a secondary school.  6.He’ll probably pass _____ good marks.
Prepositions of place and direction. Prepositions демеуліктер For example on in into From behind under between in the middle of BAC K үстінде, үстіне on the table Үстелдің үстінде Ішінде Ішіне Бір жерден, бір  нәрседен артынды астынды екі заттың  ортасында ортасынды The flowers are in the  vase Put the flowers into the  vase from the country                       from Peter Гүлдер вазаның  ішінде Гүлдерді вазаның  ішіне сал Ауылдан  Петерден behind the house үйдің артында under the bed төсектің астынды between the balls In the middle of the  room екі доптың  ортасында бөлменің  ортасында NEX T BACKNEXT
Prepositions of place BAC K NEX T BACKNEXT
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