Тест по анлийскому языку "My day".

Тест по анлийскому языку "My day".

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Данный тест предназначен для студентов 1 курса СПО.

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Test ‘My day’

1.     Match the halves.

1)    quarter to seven

2)    five past eight

3)    half past nine

4)    twenty to five

5)    quarter past three

a.      8:05

b.     9:30

c.      4:40

d.     3:15

e.      6:45

2.     Write the dates.

13/02/1968 ________________________________________________

01/08/2003 ________________________________________________

3.     Put the verbs in the brackets in the Present Simple.

1)    Alex (to watch) some programmes in English.

2)    This team (to play) like a champion.

3)    The lesson (to finish) at 14:00.

4)    We sometimes (to stay) at college after classes.

5)    At 8 o’clock our family (to have) supper.

4.     Fill in the gaps with the correct prepositions.

1)    The train arrives … time.

2)    … the evenings I am busy doing my homework.

3)    … April they take part … a conference.

4)    He goes to the swimming pool … Fridays.

5)    The lesson starts … 5 minutes.

5.     Make sentences interrogative.

1)    Life is impossible without work.

2)    His working day usually starts at 6 o’clock.

3)    I do my morning exercises every morning.

4)    He is in the habit of having only a light breakfast.

5)    During the large break they go the canteen.

6.     Put the words in the correct order. Then write the lines in the correct order to make a dialogue.

twenty-five / ten / it’s / to

is / time / please / what / it / ?

welcome / you’re

very / thank / much / you

A: Excuse me. 1 ________________

B: 2 __________________________

A: 3 __________________________

B: 4 __________________________

7.     Write about your daily routine.

Ответы к тесту ‘My day


1.     1e, 2a, 3b, 4c, 5d

2.     The thirteenth of February, nineteen sixty eight; the first of August, two thousand and three.

3.     1-watches, 2-plays, 3-finishes, 4-stay, 5-have

4.     1-on, 2-in, 3-in, in, 4-on, 5-in


1)    Is life impossible without work?

2)    Does his working day usually start at 6 o’clock?

3)    Do I do my morning exercises every morning?

4)    Is he in the habit of having only a light breakfast?

5)    Do they go the canteen during the large break?


A: Excuse me. 1 What is the time, please?

B: 2 It’s twenty-five to ten.

A: 3 Thank you very much.

B: 4 You’re welcome.

7.     Open answer.


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