Оценка 4.8 (более 1000 оценок)


Оценка 4.8 (более 1000 оценок)
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9 кл
Тестирование для 9 класса по модулю 1 учебника Spotlight 9

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Module 1 Тест  (9 класс )

Вариант 1

A.   Fill in the missing words: life, raise, display, parade, throw, make, exchange.

1.                 The night sky burst with colour when the magnificent fireworks _______ began.

2.                 Henry really enjoyed the opportunity to experience _______ as a knight at festival.

3.                 The children saw Disney floats at the colourful street _______.

4.                 Over the years, this organisation has ________ a lot of money for different local charities.

5.                 Usually people ________ streamers and dance to celebrate New Year`s Eve.

6.                 If you see a spider, ________ sure you don`t kill it. I`ve heard it`s bad luck.

7.                 Bob and Sue always ________ gifts with each other on Christmas Eve.

B.     Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition for, of, with and in.

1.                 Are you interested ___ going to a fancy dress party tonight?

2.                 Bill’s tired ___ doing the same thing for his birthday every year.

3.                 Don’t tell me you still believe ___ Santa Clause!

4.                 Are you pleased ___ the decorations we have chosen?

5.                 The reason ___ this meeting is to talk about the school festival.

6.                 My little brother is afraid ___ the load noise that fireworks make when they go off.

7.                 Everyone was pleased ___ the success of the Arts Festival

8.                 She is interested ___ learning more about traditional celebrations.

9.                 The Toronto Film Festival is famous ___ appearances by major Hollywood stars.

10.             The road was crowded ___ cars and buses heading for the festival

C.    Underline the correct tense

1.                                           The film usually starts / has started at 22:00 pm. We must be at the cinema by 21:30.

2.                                           Are you doing / Do you do anything special tonight ?

3.                                           Marion al allergic to dairy products. She hasn’t eaten / hasn’t been eating chocolate for years.

4.                                           We always are waking/wake up early in the morning.

5.                                            I have already finished/ have already been finishing my homework.

6.                                            She listens/ is listening radio in her room at the moment.

7.                                           Sue has been working / is working for this company for ten years now.

8.                                           You look / are looking very pale. Is everything OK ?

9.                                           Ivan has danced / has been dancing  since the concert started.

10.                                       My father paints/has been painting his house all morning.

D.        Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present tense.

1.                 The Music Festival _______________ (start) on 5th May every year.

2.                 The children ______________ (watch) TV at the moment.

3.                 Sue ______________ (already / work) for this company for ten years.

4.                 Kate is tired. She _______________ (work) since morning.

5.                 Bill __________________ (not / see) a fireworks display before.

6.                 He ________________ (not / feed) the cows every evening.

7.                 I ___________________ (not / leave) late on Fridays.

8.                 _________________ (he / wait) for me now?

9.                 I _____________________ (already / write) an article about crime in big cities.

10.             _____________________ (you / go) to the park every day?

E.     Fill in: down, up, into, off, back (phrasal verb)

1.                 Turn _______ the volume on the radio. It's driving me crazy!

2.                 I hope she turns _______ soon!

3.                 Let's turn a region _______ a nuclear-free zone.

4.                 The refugees (беженцы) were turned _______ because the war was stopped.

F.    Fill in the gaps with present/past participles formed from the words in bold (-ed, -ing).

1.                 It was a really ________________ party. (BORE)

2.                 Imagine how ________________ it would be to visit the Rio Carnival. (EXCITE)

3.                 The book wasn't so ______________ I expected. (INTEREST)

4.                 I always feel _____________ at how fast Christmas comes around each year.(SURPRISE)

5.                 I find April Fool's Day quite ____________. (TIRE)


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