Оценка 4.9


Оценка 4.9

Lesson plan

Long-term plan unit:

 10.3A Information Systems



Teacher name:

Grade: 10

Number present:


The topic of the lesson:



Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to create reports using extracted data (SQL)


Assessment criteria

        Create a report based on two tables using the Report Wizard tool.

Success criteria

All learners will be able to know:

create a report for data output

Language objectives


Students can:

create reports using extracted data

Vocabulary and terminology specific to the subject:

Forms, reports, Form Wizard, Report Wizard, Constructor.

Useful expressions for conversations and writing:

The report is intended for ...

Value links

Group work , co-operation, time management, academic integrity

Cross curricular links


Previous learning


Course of the lesson

Planned stages of the lesson

Planned activities at the lesson









Warm up

Definition of the topic.

Setting lesson objectives and success criteria

























Divide into groups: 2 students, 6 groups

Purpose: mini project for 30 minutes


Topics of mini projects:

1. Library (publisher, books, issue and reader).

2. Toy shop (Manufacturer, toys, sale, buyer)

3. School (classes, pupils, curators, teachers)

Stages of development of project work.

Objective: to structure the basic concepts of a DBMS

• Create a table

• Create a relationship (One to Many, One to One, Many to Many)

Stages of development of project work. Requests, forms, report.

Objective: to structure the basic concepts of the DBMS. Selection of the necessary information. Visually convenient and attractive interface.

• Create queries (minimum 3)

• Create a form (form wizard)

• Create a report











The learners speak in a circle with one sentence, choosing the beginning of a phrase from the reflective screen on the board:

Today I found out ... it was interesting ...

it was hard ... I was doing the job ...

I realized that ... now I can ...

I felt that ... I acquired ...

I learned ... I did it ...

I could ... I will try ...

I was surprised ... he gave me a lesson for life ...


Differentiation – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

Assessment – how are you planning to check students’ learning?

Health and safety regulations

Additional support.

Work in pairs / groups - support for classmates.

Help the teacher, if required.

More capable learners can demonstrate aspects of their decisions that seem interesting / more complex to the other learners.

Answers questions and a session of answers.

Use questions when completing a task.

Use survey questions to understand the results / success of learners at each stage of the lesson.

Remind of some safety rules when working with computer equipment, for example, that you must be careful when installing the screen, keyboard and mouse; beware of wires, as they pose a threat to movement.



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Lesson plan Long-term plan unit: 10

Lesson plan Long-term plan unit: 10

Divide into groups: 2 students, 6 groups

Divide into groups: 2 students, 6 groups
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