Карточка-задание по английскому языку на тему «MEDICAL WRITING: CASE ABSTRACT_25»
Оценка 4.7

Карточка-задание по английскому языку на тему «MEDICAL WRITING: CASE ABSTRACT_25»

Оценка 4.7
Карточка-задание по английскому языку на тему «MEDICAL WRITING: CASE ABSTRACT_25»




·         What is a medical case report?

·         What parts does it include?

·         What is an abstract?

Read the abstract of the medical case report:

A rare case of intussusception leading to the diagnosis of acquired immune deficiency syndrome: a case report



Although a common cause of intestinal obstruction in children, intussusception is a rare event in the adult population living in temperate regions. It has long been known that various acquired immune deficiency syndrome related conditions of the bowel such as lymphoma, lymphoid hyperplasia, cytomegalovirus colitis and Kaposi's sarcoma can lead to intussusception. The diagnosis is particularly difficult in this population of patients due to the non-specific nature of the symptoms as well as the depressed immune response obscuring inflammation or ischemia. Though the reported acquired immune deficiency syndrome associated cases of intussusception refer to patients with known human immunodeficiency virus infection, in our case we present an intestinal intussusception as the first manifestation of human immunodeficiency virus infection.

Case presentation

A 58-year-old white heterosexual Greek man with a clean medical record and no history of abdominal operation presented to the emergency department with symptoms and signs of bowel obstruction. Plain abdominal radiographs were highly suspicious for intussusception which was eventually confirmed on a computed tomography scan. Due to the patients clean medical record as well as the radiologic diagnosis of intussusception, we promptly undertook further serologic tests for human immunodeficiency virus and eventually established the diagnosis of acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The patient was operated 3 days later and this confirmed the diagnosis of small-bowel invagination due to a 4 cm polypoid growing intraluminal tumor, the pathologic examination of which revealed a diffuse high-grade B cell lymphoblastic lymphoma.


Human immunodeficiency virus infection may have a silent course and gastrointestinal manifestations of the disease leading to intussusception might be the first clinical sign. Patients with intestinal intussusception, and the presence of risk factors for human immunodeficiency virus infection should be eligible for serologic tests for human immunodeficiency virus infection.

Find in the abstract:

·         Background

·         Why is it important

·         Needs to be reported

Answer the questions:

1.       Is this the first report of this kind in the literature?

2.       What are brief details of what the patient(s) presented with?

3.       What the reader should learn from the case report?

4.       What the clinical impact will be?

5.       Is it an original case report of interest to a particular clinical specialty of medicine?

6.       Will it have a broader clinical impact across medicine?

7.       Are any teaching points identified?


·         Why abstract is the most important part for case published in electronic databases?

·         What are basics of abstract writing?



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