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Оценка 5

Критерии оценивания

Оценка 5
Критерии оценивания
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2015-2016 УЧЕБНЫЙ ГОД



90 минут

Part I (10 minutes)

Listening  (6 points)

Two friends, Nick and Jenny, are talking on the phone about going out in the evening. Listen carefully and answer the questions 1-6.

1.  Why didn’t they see Castaway?

a)  Nick knows the film is stupid.

b)  He didn’t like the book.

c)  Jenny didn’t want to.

2.  Why didn’t they see Room With A View?

a)  Nick didn’t want to.

b)  Jenny didn’t want to.

c)  It had finished.

3.  Why didn’t they see Colour of Money?

a)  Jenny doesn’t like Paul Newman.

b)  Nick didn’t want to.

c)  It wasn’t on.

4.  Why did they decide to see Mona Liza?

a)  Nick wanted to see it.

b)  Jenny had never seen it.

c)  Both of them were happy to see it.

5.  What time did they decide to go to the cinema?

a)  8.45

b)  6.45

c)  8.55

6.  What was the telephone number for booking tickets?

a)  752010

b)  352001

c)  392011

Part II (25 minutes)

Reading (9 points)

Task I

Read the text and questions below. For each question, mark the letter next to

the  correct answer - A, B, C, or D.

A well-known journalist went to interview Jack Parrish in an expensive New York restaurant. The

journalist was late, but fortunately when hecame, he found the great man was not there yet. Some time later, a waiter came to him and said that there was a young man at the door who said that he was supposed to be having lunch with the journalist. The waiter thought that the young man was just trying to be funny, because he said that his name was Jack Parrish.

And it really was. The twenty-four- year-old is becoming famous for the fact that he does not look like the owner of one of the world's most successful computer companies. His manner is polite, his voice is quiet and his clothes are fashionable and expensive. Two years ago, when he started his own company nobody heard of him. Friends say that he has not changed at all. He has not even moved out of his parents' house.

So what does he do with his money? It is all in his company. But some people in the computer world are

getting nervous — and they are right. It won't be long before someone in another company picks up the

phone to hear that quiet voice saying that he's the new boss.

1.    What is the writer trying to do in the text? 

A    To explain how to make a lot of money.

B    To give some information about a businessman.

C     To give some information about a journalist.

D    To explain how to interview successful people.

2.  The waiter thought the young man at the door

A    was a journalist.

B    was behaving rudely.

C     was not as old as he said he was.

D    was pretending to be someone else.

3.    What is the writer's attitude to Jack Parrish? 

A    He is more important than he appears.

B     He isnot  a good example for young people.

C     He should be more careful how he runs his business.

D    He would be an interesting person to work for.

4.  Which of these headlines does the writer expect to see soon? 

A    Too much success too fast — was that the end of Parrish's luck?

B    Jack Parrish doesn't worry about money to old friends. 

C     And the new owner of our top computer company is Jack Parrish!                                                

D    Spend, spend, spend — how Jack furnishes his new million-dollar home.


Task II

Read the text. Match the information (1-5) with the titles (A – F). One title is extra.  

A. Olympic flag             B. Games restarted                   C. The first Olympics

D. The winners              E. The games stopped               F. Modern Olympics

1. Nobody knows exactly when the Olympic Games began, but  historians think that the first games were in 776 ВС. Athletes from all over Greece came to compete in a town called Olympia. There was only one event. It was a running race.

2. The games were very popular. Soon there were more events, for example, wrestling and horse racing. The games took place every four years, for a thousand years. In AD 394 the Roman Emperor stopped them for religious reasons.

3. In 1887, the Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin decided he wanted to restart the Olympic Games. It took a long time but finally the first modern Olympic Games began in Athens in April 1896. Thirteen countries

took part. There were nearly 300 competitors in nine different sports.

4. Pierre de Coubertin also designed the Olympic rings. Each ring  represents one of the five continents and the Olympic flag contains at least one colour from every national flag.

5. Today the Olympic Games are the world's most famous sports  competition. The modern Olympics take place every four years in a  different city. In 2004 they were again in Athens. Over 11,000 athletes  from 203 countries competed in 28 sports, 3,000 years after the first  Olympic Games.


Part III (25 minutes)

Use of English  (21 points)

Task I

For questions 1- 11, read the text below. Fill in the gaps  with the correct form of the word in



The (1) (CALIFORNIA) people we see on television are (2)_____________ (USUAL) tall, blond and slim. But California is an (3) _____________ (NATION) place and many (4)_____________ (DIFFER) kinds of people live here. Lots of people are from (5)____________ (JAPAN) and (6)______________ (EUROPE) families. California is the place to find (7)_____________ (SUN) beaches and film stars.Themost(8)_________ (FAME) beach in California is Venice Beach. It’s a lively place. Many (9)_________

(TOUR) visit Rodeo Drive (a place for shopping), but they don’t want to buy clothes – they want to see

American actors, actresses and film-makers. They live in big houses and go to (10)____________

(GLAMOUR) parties and film and film premieres. 

And California is the (11)__________ (ORIGIN) home of the hippies. There is a special hippie part of

town where you can buy clothes and music from the 1960s.



Task II

Choose the correct answer. Only one variant is correct.

What do you do at weekends? Some ..A ..like to stay at home, but.. В .. like to go for a walk or to play football. My friend Jack works ..С  .. a factory during a week. At the weekend he D  ..the same thing. On Saturday he ..E  ..his car and on Sunday he goes with his family to a  village ..  F  ..the country. His uncle and aunt have a farm there. It isn't..G  ..but.. H  ..so much  to do on a farm. The children help with the animals and give ..I.. food. Jack and his wife help in the fields. At the end of the day, they .. J hungry and Jack's aunt gives them a big meal.

A  1) one  2) ones  3) people  4) peoples

В  1) another  2) other  3) others  4) other ones

С  1) hard in  2) hardly in  3) hard on  4) hardly on

D  1) makes  2) does  3) always  4) always

always  always  makes  does

E  1) wash  2) watch  3) washes  4) watches

F  1) into  2) on  3)in  4) at

G  1) a big  2) one big  3) big one  4) a big one

H  1) it's  2)there's  3) always it's  4) always

always  always    there's

I  1) it his  2) its there  3) they its  4) them their

J  1) all have  2) have all  3) all are  4) are all


Part IV (30 minutes)

Writing (20 points)

You’ve got a letter from your English friend Mike.


…Last weekend all our family gathered together to have a barbeque party. We had a lot of fun: played

games, talked to each other, sang songs, and my cousin played the guitar! How does your family usually

spend free time? Do you do something special?


Write him a letter and answer his questions. Write 90-100 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.




1 2  3  4  5  6

B  C  B  C  8.45  352001



Task I


 B      D       A     C


Task II

1  2  3  4  5

С    E    B     A      F



Task I 1 Californian   2 usually  3 international  4 different  5 Japanese  6 European  7  sunny  

 8 famous   9 tourists   10 glamorous   11 original 

Task II

A  В  С  D  E  F  G  H  I  J

3  3  1 23  3  4  2 4  3



































Friends say that he has not changed at all

Friends say that he has not changed at all

SUN) beaches and film stars.Themost(8)_________ (FAME) beach in is

SUN) beaches and film stars.Themost(8)_________ (FAME) beach in is

Ключи Part I LISTENING 1 2 3 4 5 6

Ключи Part I LISTENING 1 2 3 4 5 6
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