Переводная контрольная работа Spotlight 4
Оценка 4.7

Переводная контрольная работа Spotlight 4

Оценка 4.7
Контроль знаний
английский язык
4 кл
Переводная контрольная работа Spotlight 4
2 вариант
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  Name ______________________class__4___date ______  (Вариант 2)

1. Read and complete.

1) June, July and … are the summer months.

2) September, … and November are the autumn months.

3) February coms after … .

4) … comes after March.

2. Read and write the numbers,

e.g. sixty-five — 65

1) fifty                                     4) ninety-six

2) forty-two                             5) thirty-eight

3) seventy-three

3. Read and choose.

1)Nick ... play the guitar every day.

a) have to     b) has to   c) don’t have to

2) Does Cathy have to work on Saturdays? — ...

a) Yes, she has.        b) No, she does.  c) No, she doesn’t.

3) You ... help me. I can do it very well.

 a) haven’t    b) don’t have to  c) doesn’t have to

4) Jane has to ... her room.

a) clean         b) cleans    c)  cleaning

5) Does Pete ... to bed early?

a) have go     b) has go    c) have to go

4. Read and complete.

1) A mouse is … (small) than a cat.

2) An elephant is … (big) than a hippo.

3) A rabbit is … (fast) than a tortoise.

4) Pam’s coat is … (nice) than Sally’s coat.

5) A computer is ….(good) than a TV.

5. Read and match

1) How old is your friend?              a) He’s funny.

2) Where’re your keys?                   b) No, he isn’t

3) What does Anna look like?         c) She’s got dark hair and green eyes.

4) Is he riding a bike?                      d) He likes playing soccer.

5) What’s his brother like?               e) She is ten.

6) What does Tony like doing?        f) They’re in my school bag.


Name ______________________class__4___date ______ (

Name ______________________class__4___date ______ (

Is he riding a bike? d)

Is he riding a bike? d)