TEST 9. Family Affairs. 9 класс
Оценка 4.7

TEST 9. Family Affairs. 9 класс

Оценка 4.7
TEST 9. Family Affairs. 9 класс
TEST 9. Family Affairs. 9 класс.docx

TEST    IX. Family Affairs


            Jane is twenty-one years old. She works at an office in the centre of London. She is a typist. Although her work is over at five o’clock in the afternoon she comes home rather late. Lane is going to marry a respectable gentleman who is fifteen years older than she is. But her mother is upset about it. She doesn’t think that Jane can be happy with Mr. Dobson. She wants her daughter to marry a younger man.

            One evening Jane comes home at eleven o’clock in the evening. Mrs. Ogden is still up. She comes into the hall to meet her daughter.

“I don’t want you to marry Mr. Dobson,” she says.

“What do you mean?” the daughter asks.

“I think it’s better if you marry a man who hasn’t so much money.”

“Oh, that’s all right”, the daughter says. “He is not going to have so much money for long.”


to be upset – быть расстроенным


I. Why does Jane come home late?

            1) She works overtime.

            2) She meets her boyfriend.

            3) She visits her friends.

            4) She has German classes.


II. How many years is Jane’s fiance older than she is?

1)      20 years

2)      15 years

3)      10 years

4)      5 years


III. Who does Mrs. Ogden want her daughter to marry?

1)      a younger man

2)      an older man

3)      a richer man

4)      a foreigner


IV. What’s wrong with Mr. Dobson in the mother’s opinion?

1)      He doesn’t love Jane.

2)      He has no house of his own.

3)      He is poor.

4)      He has a lot of money.


V. Mrs. Ogden is still up means:

            1) Mrs. Ogden doesn’t want to sleep.

            2) Mrs. Ogden is not sleeping.

            3) Mrs. Ogden isn’t going to bed.

            4) Mrs. Ogden is still upstairs.



TEST IX. Family Affairs

TEST IX. Family Affairs
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