Внеклассное мероприятие , посвященное празднованию Нового года и Рождества по сказке "12 месяцев"
Оценка 4.8 (более 1000 оценок)

Внеклассное мероприятие , посвященное празднованию Нового года и Рождества по сказке "12 месяцев"

Оценка 4.8 (более 1000 оценок)
Иллюстрации +2
английский язык
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Внеклассное мероприятие , посвященное празднованию Нового года и Рождества по сказке "12 месяцев"
мероприятие направленно на улучшение лексического и речевого запаса



                     НЕДЕЛЯ ИНОСТРАННОГО


2015-2016 УЧЕБНЫЙ ГОД


«THE 12-th MONTHS»






                            ПРОВЕЛА: АДЖАМАТОВА ДЖ. А.




                                     (под песню джингл белс выходят ведущие)


1-  Good day dear guests! Hello dear boys and girls. We are happy to see you here. There are many holidays and parties in other country. Today we want to tell and to show about Christmas and Happy New Year/ Christmas celebrate 25th of December. Happy New Year  31st of December. And now we begin our party.


2-   Hello, dear friends! We are glad to see you here! We are going to tell you about a wonderful winter holidays. It’s a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!


1-   On the 25th of December people celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a religious holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. People of different countries celebrate Christmas in different. In the United States  and Canada decorate their homes with Christmas trees, ornaments. City streets are filled with coloured lights; the sound of bells and Christmas cards can be heard everywhere. Children write letters to Santa Claus and tell him what presents they would like to get. People send Christmas cards to friends. A Christmas tree is one of the main symbols of Christmas in most homes. Many people attend church services on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. They listen to reading from Bible and singing Christmas cards.  A traditional Christmas dinner consist of stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, other dishes.


2-    New Year is the most long- awaited holiday. Many people associate it with magic and gifts. People celebrate New Year on the 31st of December. New Year is an international holiday, but in every country it is celebrated in many different ways and each family has their own traditions. In Australia, people celebrate New Year on the beach or go on picnics with friends. In Italy, the New Year begins on January 6. In Spain on this day there is a traditions to a swallow one grape for every time the bell chimes and make a wish.

      On  New Year families decorate the house  and the Christmas tree and                  give each other gifts,   wishing success in the New Year.


1-   And now, dear friends… (стук в дверь, голос… “May I come in?”)

Yes, certainly! (входит почтальон)

 Postman:    Merry Christmas! I have a parcel for you! Take it please.

1-   Merry Christmas! Thank you very much1

Postman:     Good – bye!

1-    (ведущий открывает открытку)

 – Oh, it’s a Christmas cards! They are so beautiful!                                                           “Wish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life!”- Желаю Вам веселого Рождества! Пусть этот праздник принесет много веселья и счастья!»- Санта Клаус.


2-   Its  fantastic…  Oh, the weather is fine!   How much snow. Its  winter. In winter children make a snowman… play  snowballs…

(стук в дверь) – Come in, please!

Postman:     Happy New Year!  Its  special parcel for you!  Take it  please.

2-   Happy New Year! Thank you very much!

Postman:     Good- bye!

2- (разглядывает)   Its  beautiful card from Father  frost. Oh !

“ A Happy New Year for me,

A Happy New Year for you,

A Happy New Year for everyone,

That’s what I wish- I do!”

« Счастливого Нового года мне,

Счастливого Нового года тебе,

Счастливого Нового года каждому,

Это мои пожелания Вам!»


1-   Lets continue talk about  winter…  December, January and February are winter months. You are welcome winter months!

(выходят месяцы под песню и напевают)

И уносят меня- 2раза

В звенящую снежную даль,

Три белых коня- 2 раза



И февраль.



 -December.  This is the season

When mornings are  dark.

 And  the  birds  do  not  sing

 I  the  woods and  the park.

 I am December, the first  winter month. December comes  with white snow         and  cold  winds  begin  to  blow.


-January.  This is the season,

When children ski

And  Grandfather  Frost

Brings the New  Year   Tree.

I am January. I am the second  month  of winter and the  first month of the year.  The weather  is cold. There is  snow  on the ground. Boys and girls like  to  skate  and  ski!                                                                                                                                             


- February .In winter time  we go

Walking in the fields of snow,

Where there is no grass  at all,

Where the top of every wall,

Every  fence  and  every  tree,

Is  as white  as white can be.                                                                                       I am February. I am the thirds winter month. Its cold and  winter.

Хором:               Merry, Merry Christmas,  

                             You are welcome!



2-    А теперь  хотим представить вашему  вниманию  сказку в исполнении наших  уч-ся.

Сказка «12 месяцев.»


Деревенский дом. Мачеха накрывает на стол для ужина. Ее дочь сидит у камина и перебирает корзинки

Daughter. Mummy! Is this basket big?

Mother. Yes, it is. (берет другую корзину, потом третью) And this basket is bigger. And this is the biggest one. We can buy many different things. We'll have enough money to buy a stone house, a horse, a sheep and a pig. You will eat on gold, sleep on gold and wear gold.


Daughter. OK. I'll take this basket. I want to find snowdrops for our Queen! I want to have gold! (направляется к двери)

Mother. (удерживая ее) No, you don't go to the forest. It is very cold now.

Daughter. I want to go and I'll go!

Mother. You will freeze to death!

Daughter. Well, then go to the forest yourself. (отдает корзину матери)

Mother. What?! You don't love me!

Daughter. I do love you, but I love gold more than you. (плачет) If you don't want to go to the forest, let my sister go there!

Mother. OK. We'll give her the biggest basket we have.

                                    Входит падчерица.

Mother. Is it snowing?

Stepdaughter. Yes, it is. It is terribly cold. I am frozen!

Mother. It is winter. It is always cold in winter. But  you must go to the forest again.

Stepdaughter. Why?!

M o t h e r. Go to the forest and pick some snowdrops.

Stepdaughter. Are you joking?

Daughter. No, I am not. This is the Queen’s order! You'll bring snowdrops and we'll get the biggest basket of gold. (Отдает корзину падчерице) Take a basket and go away and don't come back without snowdrops.


                           (Перед занавесом выходит падчерица)

                                         SCENE VII


Заснеженный лес. В глубине сцены – поляна; на поляне горит          костер. Падчерица подходит к лесу, кутаясь в рваный платок.


Stepdaughter. It is so dark here. I cannot see my hands before my face. (Оглядывается. Занавес открывается) Oh! I see a light.

(Около костра стоят двенадцать месяцев.)

December. Who are you? What brought you here?

Stepdaughter. I have to pick a full basket of snowdrops.

Все переглядываются и смеются.

January. Snowdrops in January? Is it a joke, girl?

 Stepdaughter. My stepmother sent me here for snowdrops and I can’t     return without them.

February. What are you going to do?

  Stepdaughter. I shall stay in the forest and wait till the month of April   comes. I would rather freeze here than return without snowdrops.          (Садится и плачет)


                                       Месяцы шепчутся



April. Brother January! Let me take your place for a single hour.

January. OK. But April cannot come before the months of February and March.

February. I don't mind. We all know this girl. We meet her in the forest in every season.

July. And we, summer months, know her, too. She is a good girl.

September. Autumn months like her for her kind heart.

March. We must help her.

January. So be it! (Стучит три раза посохом)

January yields his place. Now, it is your turn, brother February.

               (Передает посох февралю)

February. (Тоже стучит три раза посохом)

Now it is up to you, brother March. (Передает посох Марту)

March. (Тоже стучит три раза посохом)

Now it is up to you, brother April (Передает nocox.)



April. (Тоже стучит три раза посохом)


Birds, return and sing your songs,

Disperse the forest gloom.

               Bears and squirrels, come along,

Tender snowdrops, bloom.


(Обращается к девочке) Dear girl, take your basket with snowdrops.

                        Падчерица подходит к месяцам.

Stepdaughter. Thank you very much!

April. Not at all! We've decided to give you our ring. If you want to see us, you'll have to throw our ring and say:

Roll, roll the ring

To the steps of spring,

To the summer porch,[pɔ:tʃ]

To the autumn cottage,

With winter shine

To the New Year's fire!

Stepdaughter. Thank you! Good-bye! Good-bye, brothers months.

All   months. Good-bye, girl.

(Девочка уходит. Посох вновь переходит из рук в руки.)

May.     Spring is coming, spring is coming.
All around is fair.
Shimmer, quiver on the river,
Joy is everywhere.


June.   The summer sun shines hot and high.

Baby birds now learn to fly.

Green, green leaves and tasty fruit,

All things are so good!


July.  Come, to the woods

      On a sunny day,

       Come to the woods

      On a day so gay.

 Look at the grass,

      At the busy bees,

      Look at the birds

     In the green, green trees.


August.  When trees are green and forests are green.

            And grass is green and long,

            It's good to walk in the forest

           And listen to birds' song.

September.  "Come little leaves,"

                   Says  the wind one day.

                   "Come over the meadows

                    With  me to play.

                     Put on your dresses

                       Of  red and gold.

                   For summer is gone

                       And the days are cold."


October.         Put on your jackets and jeans for fall,

                     Now it's cold to play at all!

                    Leaves turn orange, red and brown,

                     And they all are falling down.


November. Yellow, red, and green and brown,

       See, the little leaves come down.

       Dancing, dancing in the breeze,

       Falling, falling from the trees.


December. OK. Winter is here.




Good day dear guests! Hello dear boys and girls

Good day dear guests! Hello dear boys and girls

In Italy, the New Year begins on

In Italy, the New Year begins on

Счастливого Нового года мне,

Счастливого Нового года мне,

January. This is the season,

January. This is the season,

Daughter. OK. I'll take this basket

Daughter. OK. I'll take this basket

Занавес. (Перед занавесом выходит падчерица)

Занавес. (Перед занавесом выходит падчерица)

Месяцы шепчутся April

Месяцы шепчутся April

April . (Тоже стучит три раза посохом)

April . (Тоже стучит три раза посохом)

May. Spring is coming, spring is coming

May. Spring is coming, spring is coming

Says the wind one day. "Come over the meadows

Says the wind one day. "Come over the meadows
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