Внеурочное занятие по английскому языку для 10 класса
Оценка 4.9

Внеурочное занятие по английскому языку для 10 класса

Оценка 4.9
английский язык
10 кл
Внеурочное занятие по английскому языку для 10 класса
Внеурочное занятие по теме Shopping
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Technological map of extracurricular activities

Date: 12 12 2022

Teacher: Yelistratova U. S.

Class: 10

Topic: "Shopping"

Lesson target: to increase motivation to learn the language and increase the level of practical speaking skills of students.


·         To develop and improve students' communication skills.

·         To form a willingness to communicate in English by creating conditions conducive to the emancipation of students, the removal of psychological barriers.

·         To instill the skills of independent work on mastering a foreign language.

·         To develop the creative potential of students through participation in the production and presentation of theatrical action.

Subject results: communication skills

Formed UUD:


- ability to analyze the text in order to identify essential features;


- ability to express your thoughts;

- possession of dialogic speech;


-formation of an adequate self-assessment of the volume of the acquired educational material, awareness of the quality and level of its assimilation.


- formation of leadership qualities of the organizer;

- evaluation of educational content based on social and personal values;

Equipment: costumes, money, scripts, a desktop, a samovar, sweets, things according the script, crayons.
































Patterns of interaction



Look around the class and guess the topic. (money-shopping)


Do you like shopping?

Do you know a cartoon with shopping?


What shall we do (look at the things)?

What is the target of the activity?

What are the criteria of a good performance? (bd)

·         Speaking English

·         Costumes

·         Acting

·         Emotions

·         Culture of performance


What cartoon are we going to perform today? (Prostokvashino)
















Now you are to read the script and name the characters. (11) (with translation for weak students)

(beaver, Sharic, Matroskin, Uncle Fyodor, cow, calf, Pechkin, bird, hare, mother, father)


Lets divide the roles. Who will be….?


Read and underline your words with crayons. Read the words. (pronunciation)


Other 4 students- for music, for costumes and grim, for English, for emotions, acting and culture of performance)

You will have 10 minutes for preparations.










Gr w



We have theatre critics. They are to choose the best roles.

Show the performance.








Critics you are welcome.

Have you obtained the target?

Is there shopping in the fairy tale?

Was it beneficial shopping? Why do you think so?


To do shopping we need to be good actors, to play the roles of a shop assistant and a customer.





Let’s play the game “buy without speaking”




Thank you for your work. You are the best actors and actresses in the world. I love you.









Beaver: I have nothing to do but to pull different dogs out of the river!

Sharic:  I didn't ask you to pull me out…



Matroskin: Oh, Sharic. The hunter! There is no income from you, expenses only.

Uncle Fyodor: What do with him? I'll write a letter to mum and dad, let send a photo weapon for Sharic.



Sharic: our cow's calf was born!

Matroskin: What's the use of my cow!

Sharic: I wonder whose it is?

Matroskin: He is ours!

Sharic: No,no… Whose cow do we have- the state, because we rented it, so the calf is state.

Matroskin:  Sharik, please be quiet. The cow is state, and all that she gives milk or calves are ours.

Uncle Fyodor: Oh, why you're arguing

Matroskin:  I will not part with my Murka . I was so happy, and now I will be the happiest, because I have two cows.



Sharic: Gavryusha, come to me! Gavrusha, lie down! The voice! Gavryusha, take it!

Pechkin: I came to you on business and you…. Not a hat but ventilation

Uncle Fyodor:  on business?

Pechkin:  I brought you a package, but I won't give it to you, you don't have any documents.

Matroskin: give us our package right now!

Pechkin:  Do you have documents?

Matroskin:  whiskers, paws and tail



Sharic: this is probably a photo weapon…

Matroskin:Yes, it's probably worth a lot of money

Uncle Fyodor:  I've come up with something, we'll find the same box and change it

Matroskin: Sharic: hooray!

Sharic:  Gavryusha to me, give me a paw.



Bird: who's there?

Pechkin: I'm the postman Pechkin, I brought the package, but I won't give it to you







Matroskin: we don't need gutalin

Pechkin: Gutalin?

Matroskin: We clean  shoes with it…

Pechkin: gutalin is not gutalin and I will not give you the package, I am not a fool.

Bird: who's there?

Pechkin:  It's you there and I'm here

Uncle Fyodor:   Let’s drink tea... Pechkin, please sit down

Pechkin:  give me those candies, they are very wonderful

Give it back, it's my candy

Pechkin:  so greedy people…



Uncle Fyodor:   Sharik, you are  going to take hunting photos

Matroskin:  right, where they pay more

Uncle Fyodor:   “don't be bored Uncle Fyodor we'll arrive soon there's only one dress left. dad and mom”



Matroskin:   Hello, our parents hooray

Mom: you are my dear, you are my dear

Pechkin:  Hello!

Mother: Hello, Igor Ivanovich

Pechkin:  Let's resolve the conflict

Matroskin:   what kind of conflict?

Pechkin:  Look…

Matroskin:   a..

Dad:  it is good for vermicel’

Sharic:  Listen, Pechkin

Pechkin:  keep quiet, please

Matroskin:   Here's a hat for you, calm down

Dad: sea mail will be

Sharic:  let me take a photo

Pechkin: no no



Mom: I understood a lot, and if I had a second life, I would spend it here in Prostokvashino




Technological map of extracurricular activities

Technological map of extracurricular activities

Patterns of interaction 3-4

Patterns of interaction 3-4

Beaver: I have nothing to do but to pull different dogs out of the river!

Beaver: I have nothing to do but to pull different dogs out of the river!

Matroskin: we don't need gutalin

Matroskin: we don't need gutalin
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