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My Dreamy Safety Internet.docx

My Dreamy Safety Internet

Aim-The pupils will find out what are the greatest challenges facing them when they go online, how they will be safe in Internet, how they  want to see  their dreamy Internet( the pupils will write on stickers  how they imagie their dreamy safety internet and  paste on the poster).

Teacher-Technology rapidly evolvs and changes almost all the aspects of human life. However, the development is  good if it serves for the benefit of humanity.Today, more than one-third of the world's population uses the Internet, and this number continues to grow. It is hard to imagine any sphere of human activity, where the Internet is not penetrated. Online is a great place! We can meet our friends, share our favourite music and image, information. The web opens the door to a vibrant, exciting world of endless opportunities to explore, communicate, and create. Compared to a face-to-face environment, it is a place where curiosity and creativity can thrive, and where young people develop a wide range of skills in a seemingly less threatening manner. The web nevertheless holds certain pitfalls for the unwary users. Let’s talk about Internet. (5 minutes)

Task 1. (10 minutes)

Internet is a place where...

The pupils’d continue the sentence expressing their thoughts and ideas.

Task 2. (30 minutes)

Teacher: The internet is a fantastic tool for freedom of expression and in democratic societies the ability to express oneself freely is highly valued. Young people can share ideas, connect with others and learn about the world online. However, sometimes young people can come across things online that they may find offensive or content that might ‘cross the line’ for them.


-          What do you love about the internet? 

-          What are the things that annoy/upset you most on the internet? How could we deal with these things? E.g. people being unkind, cyberbullying, age limits etc.

-          What would you want other people to change about the internet? E.g. I would like the makers of my favourite game to make it free to play and not paid for etc.

-          Does the internet need to be safer?

Split the class into small groups. The challenge for the groups is to come up with a creative idea. Groups will identify the internet related problem they want to solve.

Groups then brainstorm simple and creative solutions to this problem.


Groups develop their favourite idea and create a pitch to showcase to the rest of the class. This needs to be visual, informative and engaging. They need to convince their class mates that their idea is the best!   


Task 3. (15 minutes)

Watch the following campaign video called ‘The Promise’ and take a stand against bullying. Well-being online is as important as in the offline world, it’s a collective responsibility and we all have a role to play!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=127&v=Etobm4hnwcQ

Task 4. (15 minutes)

Task 5. (15 minutes)

The pupils write what are their online rights and online responsibilities. And discuss.


Task 6. (15 minutes)

Watch video and discuss(this video is made by my pupils).


Task 7. (20 minutes)

Can you create a better internet? What problem do you want to solve?

The pupils  pitch needs to be colourful and really clear to look at. Give as much information as possible and explain their idea carefully so that everyone understands. They need to convince their class mates that their idea is the best.

Task 8. (15 minutes)

The things we love about the internet

Split the class into small groups. Every group’d create posters and compare to other groups.


Task 9. (20 minutes)

Three stars and a wish

On the ‘Three Stars and a Wish’ sheet (pupils can fill in three things

they are already doing to make a better internet (on the stars), and one new thing

they plan to do (on the cloud).

Give pupils a chance to share and compare their stars and wishes. Which

ideas/themes do the class think are most important?



ui Task 10. (20 minutes)

P My Dreamy Safety Internet


Discuss with your pupils what they think their perfect online world would look like.

What types of sites and services would they want to use?

Pupils can work in groups or independently to fill the ‘My Perfect Online World’

worksheet .They could also include ideas for sites and services that

haven’t been invented yet that might meet a need they have!

Allow pupils to feedback their ideas to the class.





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