Итоговая контрольная работа 7 класс
Оценка 4.6

Итоговая контрольная работа 7 класс

Оценка 4.6
Итоговая контрольная работа 7 класс
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Final work

Name____________________      Form__________________   Date______________________

Part 1. Reading

Questions 1 – 5

Which notice (A - F) says (1 -5)?

 For questions 1 – 5, mark the correct letter A – F in your sheet, one is extra




1.  They are going to make a campfire                                             A

2.    We cook our food on campfire                                                                        B                               


3.  He is going to spend all night in the forest                              C


4.  They sing songs



 It is dark in the forest                                                                         D
















Questions 6 – 10

Read the text. Choose the right words and write a letter on the line.

Example Russia is our B__

The capital of Russia is 6 _______. 7_____ is the center of the city. St. Petersburg is the most beautiful place.

It is situated of the bank of 8 _______. It is one of the importance 9________ of Russia. Tourists can see 10_____

in St. Petersburg


Example               A) country                   B) motherland          C) region

6                            A) St. Petersburg         B) Moscow               C) Peterhof

7                            A) Red Square             B) Summer Garden  C) the Hermitage

8                            A) the Neva                 B) the Lena                C) the Volga

9                            A) museums                B) cathedrals              C) ports

10                          A) the Kremlin            B) the Hermitage       C) the Tsar Bell

Part 2. Grammar

Questions 13– 23

Choose the right form. Circle the right variant

13. She … in the morning.

      a) was washing up    b) was wash upping      c) were wash upping

14. They … wood when we came

      a) were pick upping      b) were picking up    c) was picking up

15. Ted is … than Steve

      a) tall          b) tallest         c) taller

16. This picture is …

      a) more beautiful   b) most  beautiful     

17. My dad is … than her

      a) oldest       b) older         c) olded

18. Olga lives in … Russia.

      a) the               b) -               c) a

19. He speaks … French

      a) the               b) -               c) a

20. She is … teacher

      a) the               b) -               c) a

21. Kate ….  on Sunday.

       a)  have always worked    b) has already worked   c) has yesterday worked        

22. They …this book

       a) have always read            b) have never read        c) has every day read

 23. I … football yesterday        

      a) played      b) plaied       c) playded


Questions 24 - 26

Indentify correct and wrong sentences.

Example: My father had watched this film before he read the book. – Correct.

24. He had phonded his friend before he went to the theatre . ___________
25. When she received a telegram her brother had already left . ______________
26. I hadn’t write a letter because I lost an address  . ____________________

Part 3. Writing

Question 27

Write a card. Invite your friends to New Year party.

Using a plan

- place

- date

- address

- activity

Write in about 20 – 25 words



Final work Name____________________

Final work Name____________________

Questions 24 - 26 Indentify correct and wrong sentences

Questions 24 - 26 Indentify correct and wrong sentences
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