коломяги и приморский район-жемчужина севера петербурга

коломяги и приморский район-жемчужина севера петербурга


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Приморский район и Коломяги-жемчужина севера Петербурга-на английском.doc

Приморский район и Коломяги-жемчужина севера Петербурга-на английском

Our district

Essay of Kirill Markov

The history of the Church of St. Demetrios begins in 1899. Priest of St. Petersburg and Ladoga Antony (Vadkovsky) blessed inhabitants of Kolomyagi worked with this church.
Architect Alexander Seslavin donated the project a single-storey wooden Church, and also promised to oversee the construction from the first to the last step. The money to build the Church was collected by subscription by the inhabitants of the village of Sochi, and many vacationers staying in this Villa area.
In 1905-1906 it was wooden Church already. July 9, 1906, the solemn consecration of the Church by a procession.
During the great Patriotic war the Church was preserved and, moreover. It was not closed even during the most difficult years of the siege of Leningrad. Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki is considered the protector of warriors, so here come the townspeople to pray for all his loved ones, relatives and friends involved in the fighting. At the altar of the temple buried Archpriest John Goremykin (1869-1958), who served as its Dean from 1940 to 1950.
Today, the Church of St. Demetrius in Kolomyagi continues to operate. It contains relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov, St. great Martyr and healer Panteleimon, St. Patriarch Tikhon, St. Pitirim, Bishop.
Tambov and St. great Martyr Demetrios.

Essay of Ariana Rasuli


My lovely district...
My Area or district is named by Kolomyagi and there are a lot of beautiful memorials, buildings.
So I want to start my speech by and family building. It is situated near the 634 School, and it is made in a shape like family. There is Dad, Mom and a little child on their hands. I like one monument near my area. It is the Monuments of sharman on the Methro Udelnaya.On the strap over his shoulder he carried his instrument , which was really heavy. He sing lots of sad and happy songs by his beautiful voice.
This is just a little part of our beautiful area,that I love. Our district near my house is so nice!

Essay of Anton Nefediev

My favorite district is Primorskit district. There are a lot of monuments and attractions. for example on metro Pioneer is a monument with 3 children and a horse. I respect talented authors of project (sculptors: V.I. Vinichenko, L.T. Gaponova, architectors V.G. Chehman, V.G.Sokolskaya). My favorite micro-district Kolomygi because I live there. There is monument of a gold fish and the alley of the newborn in Kolomygi.

I like to communicate with my friends in my district. It is beautiful, my Primorski district!


Consultant: Elena Aleksandrovna Naimark.


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