Lesson plan on theme: "Theatre"(9 класс)
Оценка 4.6

Lesson plan on theme: "Theatre"(9 класс)

Оценка 4.6
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Lesson plan on theme: "Theatre"(9 класс)
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The 7 th  grade

Theme: Keep fit and healthy

Aims of the lesson: the formation of skills of speaking, to tell about the health problem to the doctor, using conditional sentences, give advice on how to treat the disease (structure: If you have flu, you should ... ...).

The objectives of the lesson : to repeat the names of diseases, use of new vocabulary speech denoting a treatment, to develop reading skills to understand the core content and detail, to develop listening skills, to hear the necessary information to develop the ability to ask for advice and give advice, to develop the ability to express opinion, to develop ability to use spreadsheets in the quest, and complete tables and card of the doctor, trained in using of speech time, Present Perfect, develop the ability to engage in dialogue.

Educational objectives: to raise a polite communication skills, ability to come to the aid of a friend, if he has health problems. The ability to work in pairs in the team, cooperate by helping each other.

New words: remedy| medicine: bandage, plaster, baking soda, raspberry jam, herb, herbal tea, cranberries| cranberry jam.

Technology: individual, pair and group work, role play "At the doctor," the use of energy saving technologies.

Equipment: audio material for the presentation-drugs (bandage, plaster, raspberry jam, honey, herbs, cranberry jam, onion, garlic). textbook

 At the desks of students with cards, "At the doctor" cards for the exercises, cards with new vocabulary and pronunciation.

Lesson plan

Teacher: Good afternoon, children. Glad to see you again. I think you are fine today. Yesterday we spoke about different illnesses. Let’s revise. What illnesses do you know?

Pupils’ answers:  a cold, flu, a cough, a headache,  toothache, a burn, a sore throat, a broken arm, a broken leg.

Teacher:Thank you. Today we’ll talk about how to treat them, what you should do to feel better. I am not a teacher today. I’m a doctor. My name is Mrs. Herb. And I’ll give you some advice how to be healthy. There are a lot of different remedies.

Teacher: This is bandage. It’s for a broken arm or leg. If you have a broken arm or leg you should put bandage on it. All together –bandage.

Teacher: This is plaster. It’s for a cut. If you have a cut, you should put a plaster on it.

The pupils repeat in chorus: -  plaster.

T: This is baking soda. It’s for a sore throat.

P:–baking soda.

T: This is raspberry jam. It’s delicious. I like it. Yummy, yummy. It’s for a cold or flu. If you have got a temperature.

P: -raspberry, raspberry jam.

T:These are cranberries. You can make  jam of cranberries. It’s good if you have got a temperature.

 P:– cranberries,  cranberry  jam.

T: This is herb. You can make herbal tea and drink it if you have a sore throat, a cold, flu.

P:– herb, herbal tea.

T: Do you remember these things? (shows.) Onion, garlic, honey. Let’s pronounce them together. They are good if you have a cold, flu, a sore throat.

T:Now I’d like you to work in teams. Form five teams. Do it quicker, please.

On your tables there are new words and their transcription. Please, match the words to the transcription. Who is the first is the winner. Raise your hands if you are ready.

T: Well done. Thank you. You are winners. Now tell me, please, which remedy is good for which illness. Do as in the example. Fill in the blanks. Make as many sentences as you can.


remedy/ medicine

illness/ health problem


Baking soda




Raspberry jam


Herbal tea


Cranberry jam and drinks

a sore throat

a cough

a small cut

a broken leg

a broken arm

a cold


a headache


Remedy                                                                                              illness

____________________________is good for_________________________

Pupils make their own sentences: Baking soda is good for a sore throat. Etc.

T: Well done. Thank you, children.

Now, please, give advice to your friend if he/she/ has got  any problem with his/her/ health.

Match the problem with the treatment.

If you ‘ve got flu

If you’ve got a cold

If you’ve got a cough

If you’ve got a burn

If you’ve got a cut

If you’ve got toothache

If you’ve got a sore throat

If you’ve cut your finger

If you’ve burnt your arm

If you’ve broken your leg

If you’ve broken your arm        




you should


you shouldn’t        


stay in bed and keep warm

drink hot milk with baking soda and honey

go out

have X-ray

take tablets and drink much water

pull your tooth out

put  a plaster on it

put a bandage on it

put your finger under cold water

drink hot herbal tea

drink tea with raspberry jam

eat onion and garlic

drink  tea with cranberry  jam

 eat  ice-cream and drink cold water


T: Thank you. Well done. You remember, children, I’m Mrs. Herb I have written a book, in this book I give advice how to get better if you have health problems. Please,  open your books at page 88 ex. 2a and read some paragraphs from my book and fill in the table. In each part of the text find  a health problem and treatment. .Work in groups. Each group read only 3 texts.

Group 1-texts-a,b,c. Group 2-d,e,f . Group 3-a,b,c. Group 4-d,e,f.

Problem: If you  have…..,

Treatment: you should….












T: Now, children, answer what advise Mrs. Herb gives you if you have health problems. Answer using the table:f.e. If you have a cold you should keep warm and drink a lot of tea with lemon. Etc.

Teacher: Thanks for your answers. Let’s have a short break. Exercise a little. Stand up, head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes, knees and toes. Arms and legs and eyes and nose , eyes and nose, eyes and nose. Thank you. Sit down, please.

Teacher: Listen to what  advice American children give you, if you have flu.

Complete the chart.

If you have flu, you should












Pupils listen to the advice of American children, and enter the answers into the table.

T: Now answer, please, what advice American children give you if you have flu.

Pupils: If you have flu, eat fruit and dress warmly. If you have flu, keep your neck, chest and feet nice and warm. Etc.

T: Please, tell me what advice was new, strange for you.

P: I think -to listen to quiet music, to eat mushroom soup.

The dialogue:” At the doctor’s ”

T:Now, children, imagine that some of you have a health problem and you go to a doctor for advice. So work in pairs. Make up short dialogues “At the doctor’s”. Then  аct out your dialogues.  Use the information you have learnt in the lesson. I’ll give you 5 minutes to prepare your dialogues.

Pupil A is a patient. Tell the doctor about your problem and get his(her) advice.

Pupil B is a doctor. Listen to the patient’s problems, give him(her) advice and fill in the patient’s card.

Doctor’s card













Pupils work in pairs.Dialogues:

T: Whose dialogue was the best one? If the dialogue was very good, raise red cards. If it was good, raise green cards, if it was not good, raise yellow cards.

P:I think dialogue 1 was the best. As for me dialogue 2 was good. I think dialogue 3 was not good. Etc.

Conclusion of the lesson

T: Thank you. The most active pupils get “5”. They are……(their names).

The less active get “4”. They are….(their names). Who didn’t work hard get “3”.

Write down your home task, please. It is on the blackboard.  ex.4, page 89. Make a poster. There is an example how to do it. Write advice how to treat flu. Use different pictures of food from magazines or just draw them. Use ex. 2a and 3a to help you.

Is everything clear? If yes, good-bye, see you on Tuesday.

Next time we’ll talk about how to keep your pets fit and healthy.













The 7 th grade Theme: Keep fit and healthy

The 7 th grade Theme: Keep fit and healthy

Teacher: This is bandage. It’s for a broken arm or leg

Teacher: This is bandage. It’s for a broken arm or leg

Plaster Raspberry jam Honey

Plaster Raspberry jam Honey

T: Now, children, answer what advise

T: Now, children, answer what advise

Pupil B is a doctor. Listen to the patient’s problems, give him(her) advice and fill in the patient’s card

Pupil B is a doctor. Listen to the patient’s problems, give him(her) advice and fill in the patient’s card

Lesson plan on theme: "Theatre"(9 класс)

Lesson plan on theme: "Theatre"(9 класс)
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