Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Speaking about schools" (8 класс)
Оценка 4.6 (более 1000 оценок)

Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Speaking about schools" (8 класс)

Оценка 4.6 (более 1000 оценок)
Презентации учебные
английский язык
8 кл

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The aims Англия туралы  қосымша  мәліметтермен  жұмыс жасау жаңа сөздерге сипаттама беру; Англия туралы мәлімет беру 1. 2. Әділ бағалауға тәрбиелеу.  • •  Оқушылар Англия елі  туралы мағлұмат алады  Шығармашылық қабілеттері  іс­әрекетте көрінеді.   Топтық бағалау мен топішілік  бағалауды үйренеді.
Procedure of the lesson Warming up Phonetic drill Presentation Practice Production Rounding up
Rules of the lesson 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. You must be attentively Work in groups Answer the questions Speaking Say your opinions
Organization moment Plan TIME 1. Organizational moment: 1. Greeting How do you do, children! - How do you do. I hope you are well, children. – We hope you are too. Who is absent today? - Nobody is absent. - Naming the date What is the date today? - Today is the ... . What is the day today? - Today is Wednesday. - Introduction of the lesson’s theme and procedure. - Let’s divide into two groups with pictures. - Let’s do the training “Bus”
2. Warm-up. Repeat tongue-twisters: Don’t trouble troubles, till troubles trouble you,  it only doubles trouble and troubles others too.  William always wears, a woolen underwear, even  in the Wild West.  3. Check homework. How many words do you know?.  Get ready to defend them. (өрмекші торы)
*Answer the questions: 1. What is the full name of Great Britain? (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) 2. How many states of Great Britain do you know? (4. Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland) know? 3. What interesting places of London do you video
England Its land is 130,000 sq. km. The population of England is 49  mln people.  St George's Flag, the England Flag The Three Lions Crest – a symbol of England The largest cities are:  Manchester          Liverpool                 Birmingham                        Nottingham                                 Sheffield. The national emblem of England is the red rose. Capital city: London Language: English Currency:  pound The motto of England and the Sovereign is " Dieu et mon Droit " (French for ‘God and my right’). The red rose is the national flower of England The Three Lions Crest – a symbol of England St George's Flag, the England FlagThe motto of England and the Sovereign is " Dieu et mon Droit " (French for ‘God and my right’).
England The North The North West West The Northeast Midlands East Midlan ds The South East Anglia The Southeast The Southwest
Сөздерді қойыңыз Кір жаятын  жіп New words: ɔ қамал Fortress [f :trıs] –  Palace [pælıs] – сарай Prison [prızn] - түрме The order of succession – таққа отыру кезегі Square [skwea] – алаң Meeting [mi:tin] – кездесу Ancient [einsnt] – ежелгі Sightseeing [saitsi:n] – көрнекті жерлер
England Reading England is the largest and the richest country of Great Britain. The capital of England is  London but there are other large industrial cities, such as Birmingham, Liverpool,  Manchester and other famous and interesting cities such as York, Chester, Oxford and  Cambridge. Stonehenge is one of the most famous prehistoric places in the world. This  ancient circle of stones stands in Southwest England. It measures 80 metres across and  made with massive blocks of stone up to four metres high. Why it was built is a mystery. Not far from Stonehenge stands Salisbury Cathedral. It is a splendid example of an  English Gothic Cathedral; inside there is one of four copies of Magna Charta and the  oldest clock in England. Chester is very important town in the north­west of England. In  the past it used to be a Roman fort; its name comes from the Latin word castra, meaning  "fortified camp". In Chester there is a famous museum which contains over 5000 ancient  and modern toys. Oxford is the home of the oldest university of England. The most famous college is  Christ Church. It has a great hall which was built during the reign of Henry VIII and its  chapel has become the Cathedral of Oxford. Cambridge is the home of Britain's second  oldest university. York was the capital of Northern England. It is one of the best  preserved medieval cities of Europe. It was built by Romans, conquered by Anglo­ Saxons and ruled by the Vikings. Birmingham is often called the "City of 1,500 trades"  because of the great variety of its industries.
Ойлан, Бірік, Бөліс Оқушылар ойына келген  жауаптарды немесе  идеяларды барынша көп  жазады (Ойлан). Одан кейін  олар өз идеяларын  әріптестерімен біріктіреді  (Бірік) және соңында мұғалім  бүкіл сыныптың идеяларын  талқылауды бастайды (Бөліс).
9 ромб
Ta s k s 1 2 3 3 3
Match the pictures and the words Westminster Abbey St. Paul's Cathedral Piccadilly Circus Big Ben The Thames 17
* Unscramble these places you find in a city and write them into your copy- books Составьте слова и запишите их в тетрадь * dcthrlaae ______cathedral___ *uummse ________________ *eatlsc ________________ *rta yllgrea ________________ *nsviiutery ________________ *wtno llha ________________ * nvsrieou phso ________________ 18
WORD GAMES 1.Fill in the circles in the word-chain with words. The last letter of each word is the first letter of the next word. Up: 1)The forest tree growing in Scotland, common to northern countries 2)The ever-green shrub with small bell- shaped flowers, common in Scotland 3)The national emblem of England 4)Common European tree, one of the commonest trees in England 5)Sort of very small animal with strong teeth; numerous in the UK
3 2 1 2 4 5 6 3
Down: 1)A large heavy animal still-found in the UK and protected by law 2)The national bird of the UK 3)The national emblem of Scotland and the Edinburgh International Festival 2. Name the Cities The passenger plane touched down at seven cities in the UK See if you can find the names of those cities by putting together the jumbled word pieces correctly in pairs.
1 2 3 4 5 Names with and without “the” Географиялық атаулармен қолданылатын артикльдер Атауы The Әлемнің бөлігі, құрлықтар, аймақтар, елдер, аудан, қала The Middle East, the North Pole, the Yemen, the USA, the Vatican, the Russian Federation, the Hague, the City Артикль қолданылмайды Europe, Central Asia, Finland, Denver Мұхит, теңіз, өзен, көл, сарқырама, канал Тау жоталары, арал, шөл дала, Көше, алаң, аудан, парк, көпір, станция, аэропорт Университет, театры, кинотеатр, шіркеу, қонақ үй, сарайшық, музей, кітапхана, мейрамхана, магазин The Pacific(Ocean), the Caspian(Sea), the Nile, the Baikal, Suez Canal, the Bay of Biscay The Alps, the Azores, the Isle of Man, the Kalahari(desert) The High Street, the Drive, the Bronx, the Golden Gate Bridge, Waterloo (station) The University of Cambridge, the Phoenix (theatre), the Odeon, the Hilton, the British, Museum, the Library of Congress, the Café Royal Но:Lake Erie, Lake Baikal, Но:Hudson Bay Но: Mont Blank, Easter Island (отдельные горы и острова) Sixty-sixth street, Manhattan, Times Square, Hyde Park, London Bridge, Gatwick Cambridge University, Sadler’s Wells (theatre), St.Paul’s Cathedral, Brown’s Hotel, Buckingham Palace, Leoni’s (restaurants), Harrods
“ Brain-Ring” Questions: I. Location, Population, Climate. 1. What is the official name of Great Britain? (the United kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). 2. How many parts does the UK consists of? (The UK consists of 4 parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) 3.What are their capitals? ( London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast) 4.Where does the UK lie? (The UK lies on the British Isles) 5.What are the main islands? (Great Britain and Ireland) 6.What are the main rivers of GB? (The Severn and the Thames) II. Towns, Industry and Agriculture. 1.What large cities of GB do you know? ( London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool) 2. What is the capital of the UK? (London) 3.What kind of country is the GB?(GB is mainly an industrial country) 4.Which is Great Britain’s oldest university?(Oxford) 5.What plants are grown by the British people in the agricultural sector? 6. What are the most spread natural resources of GB? (coal ,oil) (wheat, fruit, vegetables, oats)
III. The Political System of GB. 1.Who makes laws in the UK? (The House of Commons) 2.Who signs the laws?(The Queen) 3.What are the main political parties in the UK? (The Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Labour Party) 4. Who is officially the head of the state in GB? ( The Queen or the King ) 5. When did Elizabeth II become Queen of Britain? (1952) 6. How many Houses does the British Parliament consist of ? (2) IV. The flag and the national emblems of GB 1. What is the national emblem of England ? ( Rose ) 2. What is the name of the national anthem of the GB ? ( God save the Queen ) 3. Who is the author of the Anthem of GB ? (Henry Karri ) 4. What are the colours of the Great Britain ` s flag ? ( Red , White , Blue ) 5. What are the British money ? (pounds )
Крестиктер-нөлдіктер 1 4 7 2 5 8 3 6 9 Ереже Rules: 1. 1­ші команда (нөлдіктер) кестеден сан  таңдайды. 2. Мұғалім сол нөмірдегі сұрақты оқиды. 3. Жауап дұрыс болған жағдайда, 1­ші команда  сол квадратқа крестик қояды. 4. Жауап дұрыс болмаған жағдайда, 2­ші команда  (крестиктер) сұраққа жауап беруге және сол  квадратқа крестик қоюға мүмкіндік алады.
1 4 8 2 3 6 5 7 9 10 11
What large cities of England do you know?
What is the capital of  England?
What kind of country is the  England?
Which is the England’s  oldest university?
What is the Queen’s  name?
Who is the Queen’s  husband?
What are the names of the  Queen’s  other children?
What are the colours of the England`s flag ?
What are the most  spread natural resources  of England?
What is the national  emblem of England?
What are the English  money?
*Homewor k Make up a crossword Make up a crossword “England”. Use more than “England”. Use more than 10 words. 10 words.
*Thank you for the lesson. Good-bye!
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