Список неисчисляемых существительных
Оценка 4.7

Список неисчисляемых существительных

Оценка 4.7
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Список неисчисляемых существительных
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250 распространенных неисчисляемых существительных

A — B






 Only a few people have access to this information.



 Does the company provide accommodation for the workers?



 You’ll have more freedom in adulthood, but more responsibilities too.



 A lot of creative people work in advertising.



 If you’re not sure what to do, ask your friends for advice.



 If he needs an outlet for his aggression, he could try boxing.



 Should rich countries give more aid to poor countries?



 If there’s not enough air in the room, open a window.



 Whiskey contains much more alcohol than beer.



 Why was someone with so much anger allowed to own a gun?



 After the concert, the applause went on for at least five minutes.



 I wanted to work in a bank because I was always good at arithmetic.



 If you want to learn about art, visit the national gallery.


 помощь, содействие

 After calling 911 for assistance, we waited for an ambulance.


 легкая атлетика

 Jenny’s very good at athletics, and she’s even won some medals.



 The teacher found it difficult to get her students’ attention.



 Would you like some bacon with your scrambled eggs?



 The customs officer at the airport checked all my baggage.



 My dad loved ballet, and he even took us to see Swan Lake.



 Many poets have been inspired by the beauty of nature.



 I don’t eat beef or pork, but I like fish and seafood.



 It was a good party, but I think we drank too much beer.



 If you study biology, you’ll learn how amazing life really is.



 When I studied botany, we often collected plants from forests.



 I sliced a loaf of bread and then made some sandwiches.



 Before going into business, ask your father for some advice.



 Would you like some butter on your toast?







 Climate change occurs when there’s too much carbon in the air.



 We could get cardboard for our signs by cutting up old boxes.


 наличные деньги

 If you need some cash, go to an ATM machine.



 Don’t forget to take some chalk to your class.



 There was chaos after the fire started, with people running in all directions.



 Do you want some extra cheese on your pizza?



 Do you feel like having a game of chess?



 For most of my childhood, our family lived in London.



 We were poor, but we always had enough food and clothing.



 My grandmother used to cook on a stove that burned coal.



 How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?



 Some historians say commerce began about 10,000 years ago.



 The Buddha taught us to feel compassion for all living things.



 Sayoko’s comprehension of written English is excellent.



 This website’s content is great, and so is the design.



 All this corruption has made many politicians very rich.



 American farmers used African people as slaves to pick cotton.


 мужество, храбрость

 The protesters showed so much courage, knowing they could be shot at any moment.



 How much local currency will I need to get a taxi from the airport?



 We couldn’t believe how much damage the storm had caused.



 My legs are sore after so much dancing in the club last night.



 Before the hunter could shoot, the deer sensed the danger and ran off.



 How much data can your computer’s hard drive store?



 We took great delight in watching our kids act in the play.



 Would you like some ice cream for dessert?



 He accepted his defeat with dignity, and waved to the crowd.



 My brother’s face was covered in dirt and his hair was a mess.



 Marketing ebooks is difficult, but distribution is easy.



All the furniture in the empty house was covered in dust.







One of our daughters wants to study economics at university.



 To get on in this world, you need a good education.



 Electricity is dangerous, so don’t try to fix the wires yourself.



 She graduated from university two years ago, but she still hasn’t found full-time employment.



 Using clean energy like wind and solar power is better than burning coal or oil.



 If she likes learning about machines, she should study engineering.



 I never thought I’d get so much enjoyment from reading a book.



 Television is one of the cheapest forms of entertainment.



 You should have seen the envy on Harry’s face when he saw his neighbour’s new car.



 My gym costs more than hers, but it’s got much better equipment.



 If schools taught ethics as a core subject, the world would be a much better place.



 There’s a lot of evidence proving he was there, like fingerprints and DNA.



 Some people still don’t believe in evolution from natural selection, despite all the scientific evidence.



 Sometimes we learn more from failure than we do from success.



 I have faith in Mark because he always does what he says he’ll do.



 Lots of people dream of fame and fortune, but very few achieve it.



 Alan’s favourite work of fiction is Lord of the Rings.



 If you’re going shopping, could you get some flour?



 I’ve had the flu all week, and I can’t stop coughing and sneezing.



 If you want to live a long and healthy life, eat good food.



 If you still don’t have freedom, you should be fighting for it!



 Fruit is delicious, and it’s also really good for you.



 The pump stopped working because it’d run out of fuel.



 Our kids had lots of fun at the beach today.



 My wife always wants to buy more furniture.







 Did you remember to take out the garbage?



 People say garlic makes breath smell bad, but I can’t smell it.



 We didn’t used that much gas last month, did we?



 People who breed animals usually know a lot about genetics.



 Bottles made of glass are better for recycling than plastic ones.



 European invaders stole a lot of gold from South America.



 Why don’t we have a game of golf on Sunday afternoon?



 I can’t believe how much gossip I heard at Doreen’s dinner party.



 We need activities that make learning grammar more interesting.



 The grass in the back yard’s getting too long, so I’d better cut it.



 Ricardo expressed his gratitude to all those who’d helped him.



 Maria was overcome with grief when her sister died.



 We lay with our backs on the ground and looked at the stars.



 Do politicians feel any guilt when they start a war to boost their popularity?



 I really enjoyed watching the gymnastics at the Olympics.



 Harry’s hair was long and blond when he was a teenager, but now it’s short and gray.



 They enjoyed many years of happiness together.



 Your hardware is fine, but you need to get some new software.



 Luckily the storm didn’t do any harm to our fruit tress.



 Their eyes were full of hate as they beat and kicked their victim.



 Why do they feel so much hatred towards gay people?



 His health improved a lot after he started exercising.



 The heat from the fire kept us warm all night.



 My brother and I are around the same height.



 How much help did you get with your homework?


 домашние уроки

 I did all my homework myself!



 Are you speaking with complete honesty about this?



 Would you like some honey on your toast?



 We were amazed by the hospitality of the people in the village.


 домашняя уборка

 Does your husband do much of the housework?



 Even though it was a serious movie, it had moments of humour.



 By 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I was feeling pangs of hunger.



 Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water.







Would you like some ice in your drink?

 ice cream


 If I eat too much ice cream, I start to put on weight.



 The research shows the importance of regular exercise.



 Inflation has made everything more expensive than before.



 Do you think the information on this website is accurate?



 Nelson Mandela spent most of his life fighting injustice.



 Despite their innocence, many good people were sent to jail.



 Do you think IQ tests really measure intelligence?



 In ancient Rome, knives and spear tips were made of iron.



 As we stood in the rain, Julie said, with much irony, «Lovely weather, isn’t it?»



 Can I have some strawberry jam on my toast, please?



 If she even looks at another guy, her boyfriend goes crazy with jealousy.

 jelly /Bre/


 Mum made some red jelly for dessert.

 jelly /Amer/


 Can I have one of your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?



 When I held our first baby, tears of joy ran down my cheeks.



 Did you know that judo is an Olympic sport now?



 Every morning I have a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice.



 Those boys who were jailed for a crime they didn’t commit are still waiting for justice.







My brother has a black belt in karate, so don’t bully me!



 If you speak and act with kindness, everyone will like you.



 We all need the knowledge and skills that an education provides.



 Does this price include the cost of labour?



 The lack of English-speaking workers is a problem.


 земельный участок

 How much of this land can be used for farming?



 There’s always a lot of laughter in Maria’s classes.



 Look at all that lava coming down the side of the volcano!



 If you’re going to ride a motorbike, wear a leather jacket.



 Her favourite leisure activities are reading and playing tennis.



 Did you see all the lightning during the storm last night?



 If you study linguistics, you’ll learn all about language and how it works.



 English literature was my favourite subject at school.



 People who leave their litter behind are lazy and selfish.


 домашний скот

 Are you sure the livestock on this farm is well-treated?



 Can you explain the logic behind your decision?



 She lives by herself, but she doesn’t suffer from loneliness.



 How many different kinds of love can you think of?


 удача, везение

 Kim never seems to have much luck when she gambles.



 Can I leave my luggage here while I go to the bathroom?






 машинное оборудование

We’ll have to buy a lot of new machinery for the factory.



 You don’t really believe in the power of magic, do you?



 Who collects your mail while you’re away?



 Without good management, a company won’t last long.



 He says mankind’s biggest challenge is global warming.



 Is this floor really made of Italian marble?



 If you want to be an engineer, you’ll have to study mathematics.



 Do you want some mayonnaise on your salad sandwich?



 His body was covered in red spots, so we thought he had measles.



 Did you buy this meat from our local butcher?



 Bicycle frames are usually made of light-weight metal.



 Is it possible to run a car on methane?



 How many litres of milk do you drink every day?



 I’m trying to save enough money to buy a car.



 I fell over and got mud all over my clothes.



 What sort of music do you like?



 The beauty of nature has inspired many artists and poets.



 My dad watches the news on TV every night.



 Did you know that you can’t see or smell nitrogen?



 You don’t believe all that nonsense about ghosts, do you?



 Parents are responsible for the nurture of their young.



 If we eat for nutrition instead of taste, we’ll all be healthier.







Military commanders expect obedience from their troops.



 Diseases caused by obesity kill millions of people every year.


 нефть, масло

 Saudi Arabia makes a lot of money from selling oil.



 When you breathe in, your body gets oxygen from the air.



 How many sheets of paper do you need?



 People on both sides of the debate spoke with passion.



 Spaghetti, ravioli and lasagna are different types of pasta.



 After waiting an hour to see a doctor, I ran out of patience and left.



 You’ll need permission from the boss if you want to leave early.



 These new theories in physics are difficult to understand.



 Have you ever read the poetry of Walt Whitman?



 Most air pollution comes from cars and factories.



 Millions of people are still living in poverty.



 The police have the power to arrest and charge people.



 We watched with pride as our son was awarded his medal.



 Rice production has increased this year.



 I hope you’re making progress in your English.



 Your pronunciation of English is excellent.



 My sister wants to study psychology.



 The royal wedding got a lot of publicity in the media.



 Good punctuation will make your writing easier to read.







 Good quality shoes last longer than shoes of poor quality.



 The police found a large quantity of stolen goods in the house.



 Quartz is often used in high-quality watches and clocks.



 Racism is still a problem in many parts of the world.



 All the farmers in our village are praying for rain.



 Our students want less homework and more time for recreation.



 Meditation is one of the best techniques for relaxation.



 The main selling points for this car are its safety and reliability.



 Before writing his book, he put a lot of time into research.



 Children in Asia have a lot of respect for their teachers.


 жажда мести

 The kids got together and planned their revenge on the bully.



 How much rice do you think we need to cook for the stir-fry?



 Do you think there’s enough room for a piano in here?


 мусор, хлам

 Put any rubbish in that bin over there.



 Pirates like Blackbeard loved to drink rum.







 My grandma always worries about safety in airplanes.



 Would you like some salad with your meal?



 Could you pass the salt and pepper, please?



 We went to the beach and built a castle out of sand.



 A lot of political cartoonists use satire in their work.


 вид, пейзаж, декорации

 The scenery in the mountains was magnificent.



 My wife loves seafood, especially lobster and prawns.



 Every year we spend our vacation at the seaside.



 I’ll never forget the shame I felt when I was caught stealing.


 поход по магазинам

 Can’t you think of anything better to do in your free time than shopping?



 After a moment of silence, we started talking again.


 спячка, сон

 All animals need periods of sleep, even fish and frogs.



 We could see the smoke, so we knew there was a fire.



 Some politicians want to ban smoking in all public places.



 Does it ever snow in Brazil, or is it too hot?



 There’s a new bar of soap in the cupboard in the bathroom.


 программное обеспечение

 We used to buy software on discs, but now we download it.



 The soil would be healthier if we added manure and compost to it.



 Can you imagine how much sorrow his mother must have felt?



 There’s a tin of tomato soup in the cupboard if you want it.



 I wonder what the new Ferrari’s top speed is.



 If you read more books, your spelling will improve.



 Do you think Uncle Bill watches too much sport on TV?



 Trains and ships used to be powered by steam.



 Lifting that heavy sofa took all my strength.



 What’s this brown stuff on the bottom of my shoe?


 глупость, тупость

 We’re all capable of stupidity from time to time.



 Success is great, but you can learn a lot from failure too.



 How many teaspoons of sugar would you like in your tea?


 солнечный свет

 We need a few minutes of sunshine every day to stay healthy.



 The more symmetry there is in a face, the more beautiful it is.







 Would you like a cup of peppermint tea?



 My grandma is too old for tennis, but she still plays golf.



 No matter how bad your thirst gets, don’t drink sea water!



 There was a flash of lightning, and then a crack of thunder.



 The frame is made of timber, but the walls are made of brick.



 How much time do you spend at your computer every day?



 Would you prefer jam or honey on your toast?



 Parents and teachers should encourage tolerance among children.



 How much is our trade with African countries worth?



 The traffic on Main Street is always bad in the morning.



 Don’t forget the cost of transportation from the airport.



 How much travel will the job require?



 A company that betrays a customer’s trust won’t last long.



 The classes will improve your understanding of grammar.


 нижнее белье

 Don’t forget to take plenty of underwear on the trip.



 Unemployment is a serious problem in many countries.



 College initiation rituals are meant to create unity in the group.



 Internet usage in China has increased a lot this year.


 период действия

 The officials checked the validity of everyone’s passport.



 After petting a young calf, my son said he wouldn’t eat veal any more.



 Elephants can eat many different kinds of vegetation.



 My doctor explained all the health benefits of vegetarianism.



 These two families have been carrying out acts of vengeance on each other for fifty years.



 Both families want to end the violence, but they don’t know how to.



 The injury to his eye limited his vision.



 In their performance, all the dancers showed great vitality.







We lay on the sand feeling the warmth of the sun on our bodies.



 Is the water here safe to drink?



 His only goal in life was to accumulate more and more wealth.



 The weather here is always beautiful in spring.



 If I eat too much, I’ll start putting on weight.



 A government’s main responsibility is the welfare of its people.



 Every year we export millions of tons of wheat.



 How many glasses of whiskey did you drink?



 The pool’s length is 100 metres, and the width is 20 metres.


 живая природа

 Do you think shooting wildlife should be called a sport?



 Shall we have a bottle of wine with our meal?



 There was a lot of wisdom in what our grandmother said.



 Is Jenny’s new dining table made of wood?



 How much wool grows on a sheep in one year?



 Try to find work doing something you love doing.



 If you don’t add yeast to the dough, the bread won’t rise.



 Yoga has been practised in India for thousands of years.



 Is it better to spend one’s youth travelling or studying?



 Zinc is an important trace element, especially for men.



 Zoology is one of the most interesting branches of biology.



A — B Существительное

A — B Существительное

My grandmother used to cook on a stove that burned coal

My grandmother used to cook on a stove that burned coal

Alan’s favourite work of fiction is

Alan’s favourite work of fiction is

Does your husband do much of the housework? humour юмор

Does your husband do much of the housework? humour юмор

Are you sure the livestock on this farm is well-treated? logic логика

Are you sure the livestock on this farm is well-treated? logic логика

These new theories in physics are difficult to understand

These new theories in physics are difficult to understand

After a moment of silence, we started talking again

After a moment of silence, we started talking again

Internet usage in China has increased a lot this year

Internet usage in China has increased a lot this year
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