What colour is your cat?

What colour is your cat?

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Skills: Vocabulary and speaking Aim: a. Educational: - To use active vocabulary in oral speech - Introduction of new words - To improve speaking confidence b. Practical: - To develop children’s memory by repeating some difficult words for children - To develop and practice speaking skills - To develop children’s activity on the lesson c. Cultural: - To develop children’s interest in learning English

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The Theme:“What colour is your cat?” Skills:  Vocabulary and speaking Aim: a. Educational: - To use active vocabulary in oral speech - - To improve speaking confidence Introduction of new words b. Practical: children - To develop children’s memory by repeating some difficult words for  - To develop and practice speaking skills - To develop children’s activity on the lesson c. Cultural: - To develop children’s interest in learning English Grammar Structures: Questions: “What colour is ….?”; Adjectives. ­ ­ Inter­subject connection: practice of speech, practical grammar. Type of lesson: mixed. Methods of teaching: demonstration, exercises, instruction, practice. The equipment of the lesson: Visual aids: Cards, pictures, text­book The procedure of the lesson: The procedure of the lesson: Stage of e m the lesson T i Aims Teacher’s activity 1.Organiz ation   moment ­ Getting  2 acquainted  with the  pupils ­ Preparing pupils  the lesson to    Teacher greets students:   “Good morning children! I’m glad to   see   you!   Let’s   begin   our   lesson. Today   we’ll   check   up   your homework, learn new words and learn new question: “What colour is it?”  Students’ activity Good morning,  Good morning Good morning to  you!  Good morning dear  teacher. We are glad to see  you! 2­ To develop  students’  activity on  the lesson Teacher asks students:  “What theme do these words refer to?   …   Right,   today   we   will   speak about colours.” “What colour is your cat?” 2.  Present ation of the  theme 3. Warm  up 4.  Gramm ar:  question :  “What  colour… ?” Adjectiv es. ­ Vocabulary 3 fixation Physical  exercise 2 2 ­ Vocabulary 5 fixation 5. Relax  ­ 4 Improving  of the  sounds  pronunciati on ­ Studying  new  vocabulary   Grammar  rules  explanation   Grammar  rule  fixation  4 ­ 4 ­ Vocabulary fixation    Teacher asks students:  “Look   here,   puple,   at   the   board Listen and repeat these words.” Key   words:  black,   blue,   red, brawn,   white,   yellow,   orange,   pink, green, grey. Today   we’ll   learn   new   question: “What colour is … ?” and adjectives (black,   blue,   red,   brawn,   white, yellow, orange, pink, green, grey).   Look at the book  listen and read ex:2 Talk to your friend about Carol’s, Asel’sclothes,hair and eyes.ex:4 Good for you! Look at the board Here you can see some   pictures   and   some   groups   of words.  Try to suspect their meaning and circle the correct  word in each group of words. Teacher   asks   students:   Are   you tired? Let’s do our physical exercise. “If you happy and know it clap your hands”. Now,listen   and   look   at   the   board.. Here   you   can   see   colours   and   how beautiful our world. Very nice! Now, look at the board Here you can see colours crossword. Can you name   these   pictures?   And   write   the complete words for the colours there Students   look   at the   board   and   read those words. S1, S2 … Students look   at   the   board and try to name it. S1, S2 … Students look at the book and try   to   write exercises. Students   look   at the board, read those words and circle the correct word. Students   stand   up and   doing   physical exercise with teacher.   Students look at the  board and watch  video about colours. S1, S2…  Working   colours crossword 2 5 ­  Vocabulary  fixation 5  ­  Vocabulary  fixation*  3­  Home task explanation 2­  Sum up  (in the correct order)… and then put the words into the grid.  Answers:  Excellent! Now, look at the board Here you can see colourswordsearch. Search for the   words.   They   are   hidden   left   to right and down.  Answers:  Now, I’ll hand out you these cards, where   you   can   see   some   pictures, drawing. You must paint them. You have 5 minutes.Then I’ll check up it.  Take your home task for today. It is exercise:7 Talk to your friend about your clothes. Is   everything   clear   for   you?   Please, ask questions, who didn’t understand. Well, students, today we learnt  a lot. We learnt some new words and grammar   material.   I   hope   you   like today’s   lesson.   Thank   you   for   your activeness. The lesson is over. Good­ bye.  6. Giving  the  home  task 7Conclusi on  and  assess ment S1, S2…  Working   colourswordsearch S1, S2…  Working  crossword puzzles S1: … S2: … Good­bye.
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