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We are Modern Sunshines from Vanadzor Secondary School N18

We would like to take a moment and thank “Technovation Armenia” team for a chance participating such an interesting and innovative competition.
We would also like to thank our teachers and classmates for their support and help.

App Name:
Funny Geography

Anush Ghevondyan
Team Members:
Nune Arevshatyan
Julia Gasparyan
Taguhi Mkhitaryan
Lilit Asatryan
Ani Isahakyan

Sustainable Development Goal: Education

More than 70% of the students are interested in Geography.
But because of the absence of rebus-quizess app there is no chance to improve and check their knowledge about the world(Geography).

We chose rebus-quizzes for making our app. We have made our rebuses on Geography since we think it's one of the best ways for all the pupils to know more about our wonderful world and check their knoweledge of Geography.


Rebus is a puzzle in which words are represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters.The number of commas show that we didn’t read the letter at the begining of the word or at the end of the word. Example we see the flags of USA, HUNGARY, Armenia We takes the following letters

Our app is called “Funny Geography”

When you enter the app you'll the see a picture. If you guess the hidden word you should input the word in the neccerary field(the first letter in cap). After clicking Submit button. you'll see your answer is right or wromg. To see next question you should cick on Next button.

If it is necessary you can share the question with your friends

Who will be our users and customers?

The primary users and customer of “Funny Geography” app would be all people associated with the education system and using education technology. This would definitely start with teachers and students of Armenia. Our app is in English so it can use not only in Armenia and also in aboard.

As we are a startup company and “Funny Geography” app is our first product so the app will be free for all users. When the number of downloads grow and we get good feedback, we will consider putting a price on the app in the Play Store(the price will depend on the number of downloads ).

When we put price for our product we’d provide access to the trial version of the software free of cost for first one month for all customers. And provide enrollment of first 30 students free to these customers. This would enable customers to test the product and provide feedback.

We’d deploy various digital marketing strategies like, creating online social network communities, blogs and using internet advertising to attract more customers. We’d provide a customer service helpdesk to answer customer queries.

Our app advantage is

It is free(for some time)
Easy to use
Will Train your logic
Will Improve your knowledge
Fun way to inrich your
knowledge about the world

Our app is a result of our teamwork. Hope you’ll like it!

The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover.

We hope Funny Geography will help you to invent and discover.

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