Исследовательская работа по английскому языку на тему :"Мое село".
Оценка 4.7 (более 1000 оценок)

Исследовательская работа по английскому языку на тему :"Мое село".

Оценка 4.7 (более 1000 оценок)
английский язык
11 кл
Исследовательская работа на анг языке на тему "Село Малка".

150.000₽ призовой фонд • 11 почетных документов • Свидетельство публикации в СМИ

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Мy native  village Malka





















Table of contents


1. Introduction

1.1 bus stop no. 1 Riverside Malka

1.2. Bus stop no. 2 Federal crossing-checkpoint "Malka".

1.3. stop no. 3 Malkinskij BARROW

1.4. stop no. 4 School No. 2. School Museum

1.5. Bus stop no. 5 FLC

1.5. the bus stop no. 6 Hospital

1.6. stop no. 7 mass grave

1.7. the bus stop no. 8 School No. 1

1.8. Bus stop no. 9 Administration

1.9. Bus stop no. 10 School No. 3

1.10. Bus stop no. 11 Old-timers village

1.11. Bus stop no. 12 famous people of the village

2. conclusion

3. List of references

4. presentation

5. moving Map
















Nothing on earth can be closer, dearer, more expensive, dearer than the homeland. Each person has his own homeland, he will always love and that it is always the road, despite the fact that even if people grew up and moved to another city, another country.

For me my little homeland is a village of Malka. I was born here and has made its first steps. Here since birth surround me my closest and dearest to me people. My village for me is more beautiful than all the places in the world. Here for me all my, all native. There is nothing more beautiful than this corner of Russia.

        The aim of this work is explore and tell the history of their native village.

Object of research-the village of Malka and the lives of its people.

Subject of research is the history of the village of Malka, its development, attractions,

  Objectives of the work:

·         explore the history of their native village,

·         get acquainted with the peculiarities of the geographical position of c. Malka on a map of the district and area

·         collect local history material about people of his native village,

·         Learn about the attractions

·         activate the search and research activities

·         draw the attention of the guys in the history of his native land.


To achieve this goal and meet the challenges, the work was carried out in the following main directions:

§  familiarity with materials of the school Museum

§  explore publishing periodical press about the village

§  find and process information about the village on the Internet.

§  explore information about the village and its attractions in the scientific literature,

§  meeting with old-timers and villagers

History of the village should know because we were born here and live our life is connected with this beautiful place. I would like to believe that it will study our children and grandchildren-successors of the history of our region.

I think that this work will help us better understand who we are, where enrich us morally and spiritually. And domestic, in the future, there is still a lot of work to do to continue the study of the history of the region.

We invite you to take a walk on our roads today, Malki, touch its history, admire its beauty, meet wonderful people living here.


Our route involves 12 stops: "Red Dawn," "school, school Museum", "riverbank Malka", "Monument", "JIB", "House of culture", "old timers", "famous people".




Geographical position







   In order for you to win, where is my village, I want to tell you about its geographic situation and about the history of the village.

    The village is located in the north-eastern partisolsky district, on the right bank of the Malka River, at the intersections of several transport branches.

It  is located 17 km south-east of the district center Zalukokoazhe, 53 km. to the north-west of the city of Nalchik, and 30 km. from Pyatigorsk. The administrative border between Kabardino-Balkaria and the Stavropol Territory stretches along the north-western outskirts of the village. The federal highway "Kavkaz" passes through the village. The area of the rural settlement is 77 km2



It borders on the lands of the settlements: Cuba in the north-east, Kuba-Taba and Nizhniy-Kurkuzhin in the east of Kamlyukovo in the south-west, Prirechnoye and Progress in the west.

 The settlement is located in the foothills of the republic. The average height within the rural settlement is 645 meters above sea level. The first mention of the village of Ashabovo refers to 1774, where it is described with other Kabardian auls in the document "Description of the Great and Little Kabarda" compiled by the surveyor Chicago.

At the end of the 18th century, the village was dispersed in the upper reaches of the Kishke River.

 In 1825, with the fall of Kabarda and its annexation to the Russian Empire, the population of the village of Ashabovo, among many Kabardian auls, went to the other Adygs to continue the war there.

From the same time, the Kabardian auls remained in the territory of the present-day village, the Kabardian auls remained in the area of Pyatigory. From there they were displaced by the Russian military administration.

So in 1828 from Pyatigorsk to the left bank of the river Malka, resettled villages Adzhiev (Hezhyheble) and Hagundokovo (Hegundykuey).

At the same time close to them settled mixed Kabardino Abaza village Tramovo, under the leadership of Abaza Uzdenov Tramova Harris, who was in the allegiance of the princes Atazhukinyh.

In 1846 the population of the village of Ashabovo returned to Kabarda, and settled above the villages of Adzhievo and Khagundokovo.

In 1862 all the auls were moved from the left bank of the Malka River to the right.

In 1865, during the Land Reform of Kabarda and the program on the consolidation of the Kabardian villages, the auls of Ashabovo, Adzhievo, Khagundokovo and Tramovo were united in one aul. The united aul was named Ashabovo (Aschabey), in honor of the largest of the four unidentified auls. This year is considered the official date of education.

In the family lists of the Nalchik District for 1886 among the residents of. Ashabovo meets Erustam Shor Nogma. Starikov also remember today that the son of Shora Nogma lived in the village of Ashabovo (Khazhihabla), where now there is the house of Maremshayev Leo.


On the territory of modern Malki there is a settlement of the Bronze Age, dating from the 3rd to 2nd millennium BC. Also located is a group of burial mounds dating back to the 2nd millennium BC.

In 1920 year, with the final establishment of Soviet rule in Kabarda, the decision of the Revolutionary Committee of the Nalchik County Ashabovo like all other Kabardinian settlement was renamed due to the presence of their names princely and noble familiy.V by name from the village of Malka river, on whose banks it.







Bus stop no. 1 Bank of the river Malka









Malka, the river is the largest tributary of the Terek. It gets the beginning from the glaciers of the northern slope of Mount Elbrus. They merge with each other. Near this, M falls from a steep cliff in height. The food is mixed, with a glacial predominance. Paddles in warm time. Average flow is 28 km from the mouth 97.8 m³ / s. Ledostav is unstable; freezes in the lower course from 3 days to 2 months.

We are on the banks of the Malka River. The front is a vast steppe area with grassy vegetation.




    The first plant, which makes me want to tell this







Dandelion is a perennial plant from the Asteraceae with a length of up to 50 cm, with meaty and loosely branched roots. It has a unique chemical composition, less in cultivation and harvesting.


The long-term grassy plant. Regarded in folk medicine, choleretic, diuretic, tonic, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, blood, antipyretic effect. Also used in cooking.


Already from the name itself it is clear where plantain grows-road, in meadows, wasteland, garbage places. And yet his name can be interpreted as a companion who goes on the road. Plantain is an ancient plant known since the times of ancient Greece and Rome, where doctors had already used it for healing. Plantain is also called "tears of travellers. Legend has it that the last long distance travelers, rasterli in the blood of their legs and could not continue its journey. Then they cried, and their tears fell on the edge of the roads became plantain. Its leaves are made to their wounds and so are healed and were able to continue on its way.

There are about 250 species of lilac, but the most common we have kind of plantain-Plantago major.

Herb plantain. Medicinal properties and application

Good effect on the nervous system, depending on the type of BREW is capable of toning or vice versa-tranquilize and lowering blood pressure.

Rosa majalis (Briar Brown) (LAT. Rosacinnamomea L.)



-shrub, Rosales Family (Rosaceae).

Rosa majalis is a deciduous shrub, reaching a height of 2 m he has thin branches prutevidnye, covered with shiny reddish-brown bark. The color of the old, but not yet dead branches, reddish-brown. Rose hip shoots seated two types of spikes. The greatest value have hips that ripen from August to September (depending on the climate zone).

Poetic image an ancient folk tale of sleeping beauty emerged from observations of wild rose-dogrose. Fairytale of sleeping beauty in some peoples called "wild rose".


Once upon a time, when a person has not called himself King of nature, he consecrated the wild rose poems and legends. one such legend is about the flowering wild rose — came up to us: the goddess of love Aphrodite, after learning about the death of her lover Adonis hunting herself following the гонцом. Thorns scratching her skin.

Drops of blood fell on the twigs and turned into Scarlet buds. So there was rose, whose hive during the flowering period is similar to a huge bouquet of roses. Maybe you'll be surprised, but this is only a wild rose.


Rosehip treat various diseases. Infusion, decoction, tincture, rosehip oil improves mental and physical ability, strengthen immunity. Plant helps cope with colds, diseases of the oral cavity, antritis, normalizes blood pressure ozdoravlivaetserdechno-vascular system, helps with diseases of a gastroenteric path, nervous disorders. Other varieties are also applicable for recovery, but is necessary to increase the amount of plant material.

·         hemorrhagic Diathesis;

·         atherosclerosis;

·         Hemophilia;

·         long-term psychological wounds and ulcers;

·         fractures;

·         intoxication, etc.








Sea buckthorn is a shrub or small tree with prickles from the family of lohovh. Sea buckthorn leaves are narrow and long, located in turn, top green small points, bottom of grayish-white or silvery, covered with scales.

Flowers small, nondescript, two kinds of male and female, located more crowded on short ear buds and appear before the leaves. Sea buckthorn blooms in April and may, the flowers are mostly pollinated and insects.
The fruit is round or elongated shape with juicy flesh is bright orange or yellow. Berries densely arranged on the branch, literally oblepljajut twig, hence the name Sea-buckthorn.
Sea buckthorn is a medicinal plant, and has long been used by humans for various ailments to cure many diseases.

Bus stop no. 2 Federal crossing-checkpoint "Malka".

With December 5, 2014 year in order to ensure the security of citizens, protect against terrorist threats and criminal acts, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia decided to organize in the North-Caucasian Federal District Federal checkpoints equipped with modern technical facilities. Two such post and operate on the territory of our Republic: "Malka"-in the Zolskom area and "Urukh River in Leskenskom district.


Staff members serving at posts, very politely and tactfully carry out inspection activities to suppress facts smuggling of weapons, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices, detecting and apprehending wanted persons and implicated in serious crimes.



In order to avoid delays at the Federal Highway "Caucasus" when carrying out verification activities, additional lanes and playground for validation and inspection of vehicles. All police measures are intended to improve the security of citizens.
Personnel on duty, carrying the service on new Federal checkpoints, consists of staff seconded from various regions of the Russian Federation.

  Bus stop no. 3. Malkinskij BARROW

Among the high mounds were graves and noble people. Many of the known Malkinskij mound, located in 100 m from Highway-Pyatigorsk, Nalchik. On top of this mound stood for a long time Pergola, which tourists liked to observe the Caucasian mountains from Mount Elbrus to Kazbek. In the late 20-ies of the last century, archaeologists have unearthed the burial mound, grave, Scythian King. According to their accounts, the King was buried sitting on a golden throne. At his feet lay the skeletons of his six wives, six bodyguards and a few horses.


At the moment on the site of the mound is a monument dedicated to the soldiers, liberators of the village. It represents a stele. On the stele the inscription "They have given the flame of life, for the sake of life on earth" is stamped out.


The stele lead 89 steps. The monument is built in 1950, and restored May 9, 2012 year.  






Malky mounds are included in Federal Register of monuments as a cultural heritage of Russia is clear.


Stop number 4.Felshersko-obstetric point.

We have a feldsher-midwife point in the village. The item was opened on March 17, 2016. The chairman of the government of the KBR, Aliya Musukov, took part in the opening ceremony of two social facilities of significance in the Zolskom district. Many villagers, representatives of the older generation, and young people gathered. The press service of the government reported.


 Here is served by 1130 people-823 307 children and adults. FAP is equipped with everything necessary for providing first help. Procedural and obstetric-Gynecologic cabinets equipped with modern equipment and tools.


Bus stop no. 5. School 2.

MKOU "SCHOOL No. 2" was founded August 1, 1987 year.


    For the successful implementation of educational activities the school has sufficient logistical base. The school has a sufficient number of office equipment for maintenance of educational process at a high level. Conditions for leisure activities and further education: For leisure time activities with the students of the school are: Ballroom; Sports Hall; Library. Conditions for physical training and sports: the school has a sports hall with an area of 216 square meters. m.; The gym is equipped with all the necessary sports facilities. The school has a large stadium with treadmills.


The Director of the school is  Huranova Fatima Hasanovna.

The school operates a school Museum battle and labour glory. The Museum was opened on April 15, 1975 under the guidance Skrepnikovoj Catherine Petrovna. The Museum is located on the ground floor with a total area of 72 sq m. Now head-Midova Fatima Tembulatovna, teacher of history and social studies. Museum departments: nobody is forgotten or that is not forgotten, Malkency in the battles for the homeland, Malka before and now.



 The Museum Awards:

-year 2004-first place in Republican review-competition of historical museums, awarded a diploma of the  MON of the KBR, registered in Moscow and was awarded the title of "school Museum;

-2010 year-first place among museums, educational institutions, awarded a diploma of the MON of the  KBR and the cash prize of 10000 p;

-2013 year-first place among museums, educational institutions, awarded a diploma of MON  of the KBR;

-2015 year-first place in Republican review-competition devoted to 70-th anniversary of victory in Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 Gg ...

On the 3rd floor of the school, a memorial plaque in memory of graduate Shkahovu Martin Hazhsetovichu died at the hands of a terrorist.





In the yard there is a school of the alley of glory ", pledged to the 70-th anniversary of Victory in honour of 295-th Infantry Division, osvobozhdavshej s. Malka.


Bus stop no. 6. FOK (fitness center).

In the Centre of the village runs the FOK. December 23, 2014 years was opened.


      Sports and wellness complex is made of light metal structures. Building hangar type. The size of the building in axes 39.5 m x 18 m.



Inside are a universal Hall-29.5 m h18 m, inventory, two changing rooms with showers and toilet facilities, coaching, medicine cabinet, Cabinet for Administration of FLC and technical room.

Bus stop no. 7. District Hospital.

In the village there is a district hospital for 25 beds in the building in good condition. The hospital provided top-notch experts, as natives of the village and from the cities. District Hospital is equipped with medical equipment, a ambulance.

Our hospital serves the next villages such as Prirechnoe, Kamljukova.


Bus stop no. 8. School 1.



MKOU "secondary school № 1» SP. Malka was founded in 1957 as a seven-year school. In the year 1962 it was given a status of high school. Since then, it implements programmes of secondary (full) general education. In the year 2006 has been reorganized MOU "School № 1» Malka and MOU" NSHDS No. 1 " Malka by merging into a single educational institution with the name of "Municipal Educational School" Secondary school №1 »with. Malka  of the Zola district of the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic. " Within the framework of CPMo in 2008 the school became the base for three Malkinsky schools. The 2012 MOU "School №1» SP Malka was renamed the "Municipal Public Educational Establishment" Secondary School No. 1 " Malka. "




The school is a regional internship platform to introduce software "1 c Chronograph», «electronic School Magazine" distance learning in an educational setting.

      All classes are equipped with furniture, equipment for the educational process. In specialized classes there are necessary teaching aids. In 2015, the school implemented the program "Accessible Environment" with barrier-free access.

   Our school is the point of delivery of HVE. For leisure activities with students of the school are used:

-Conference Hall

-Sports Hall;



-Dance Hall.


      In 2000, 2005, 2008, 2013 years the school became the winner of the Republican contest for the best preparation for the new school year.

In the 2006 year the school became the winner of the contest of schools, introducing innovative educational programs, and received a grant of one million rubles.

In 2010, 2015 years of school is listed on the national register of leading educational institutions of Russia.

In 2012 the year the school received a letter of thanks from the scientific-methodical Center named l. Zankova for quality education and upbringing of children.

In the year 2013, the school received a letter from the Russian MAN "intelligence of the future" for systematic participation and victory in open conferences school.

In 2015 year school received thanks to the national system of scientific development, creativity and innovation youth of Russia "integration" for significant contribution to the future of Russian Science, the upbringing of the younger generation and success in the competition.

In 2015 year school received the thanks of the Russian Union of young scientists for the presentation of school experience with gifted children on the Organization of scientific and research activities.

     In the year 2015 of the Organizing Committee of the Olympiad                     "Mechatronics and robotics KBGU-2015," the Director of the school sent a letter of thanks for the great attention given to creative parenting



On the basis of our school is the Museum of military glory.




   Bus stop no. 9. Mass grave.

One of the most important stages in the life of the village is the great patriotic war.



On the fronts of this war more than 600 had SRA malkincev. More than 400 sons Malki remote your lives for the freedom and independence of the motherland, among them officers: majors Kamergoev by Aslangeri and Marzhohov Lel, Captain Kardanov Muhab, teacher brothers Nazir and Nugman Shhanukovy and many others. With military orders and medals returned to his native village Laursan and Mohamed Oshhunov majors Zhambaev, star the past lieutenants of Abu Batyrov and Agurbi Tlenkopachev, Leyte nanty Mamisha Sharabashev, the Caliph Mishhozhev, Muhamed Nafadzokov, Knight politruk two orders of battle glory Urusbi Pshukov and many others.

Actively participated in guerrilla battles Babi Nachoev, Only Jahutlov, Safarbi, Kamergoev, Orshokdugov Tal Tugan Tashilov, guide Mahcev, Cardan and other Jelmurza.

The motherland will never forget the names of those who on the first call stood up and defended our freedom and independence. This Oshhunov, Hp: Bichoev b.n., Kamergoev a.a., Shhanukov k., Jahutlov t., Sharabashev m., Umarov, Kardanov, Batyrov s., Pshukov u., Shaov b. m. and many others

January 10, 1943 year Hamlet was freed from fascist invaders.
The great patriotic war is a terrible ordeal for people who lived at that time. And today, I think what is important is how the current generation reveres and protects the memory of those severe times and about those people.

In the heart of rural settlement Malka has the largest mass grave in the Caucasus. The marble slabs 883 names warriors. But the old-timers say that the number of buried soldiers exceeds 1000. For our school has long embodied patronage on fraternal grave. Year-round high school students kept in clean and tidy is sacred place.

Annually, 8 may for placing wreathes on the monument of the fallen soldiers gather student 3-schools and the villagers.

Unfortunately, to date, in the village of Veterans left.

Annually, 8 may guest coming to us from Kislovodsk Balyan Sergei Sergeevich. Buried in a mass grave by his uncle, whose memory he and his family honor is sacred.



Bus stop no. 10. Administration of the village.

     Local Government on the territory of the village is via the Malkinskij (rural) local Government Council. The Council consists of 24 members. Deputy Corps is formed through direct elections. The composition of the deputies are representatives of all social organizations and CEOs of companies and institutions located in the territory of the village.

The settlement has a joint Council of war and labour veterans, consisting of four cells. There is also Zhensovet with the President-elect. The most numerous party organization is the party "United Russia". Representatives of the older generation are mainly represented the COMMUNIST PARTY.


Malkinski local Goverment Council Chairman and Chief Executive is Gedmishhov Ruslan Betalovich, was born in 1959, works with the year 2015.

Deputy Head of the Administration-Kazbek Y. Dzhurtubaev.


     Bus stop no. 11. The House of culture.

The village is located Municipal-owned institution "culture House" rural settlement Malka Director DK is Asker Habasovich Zhurtov -student Malkinskoj school No. 1.


 In DC is a rural library with the largest book Fund of the district. The library has a very interesting history. All its employees, as the current librarian Vorokova Madina, with soul belonged to their work and have made a huge contribution to improving the level of education of the population Malki.



Bus stop no. 11. MKOU "SECONDARY SCHOOL No. 3.




         Educational institution opened in 1928 as a peasant youth school (ShKM) and in 1939 year converted to a junior high school No. 9 (NSW), from 1961 to 1966 year year functioned as an eight-school (HIGH SCHOOL) No. 14. In the year 1967 the school was transformed from a eight-year-old in average. Currently, the Director of the school is Kush'hov Valery Adamovich.

Campus is 2.5 hectares, it has a sitting area, a football field is 120 m * 70, gymnastics area. Landscaping within the last 5 years is carried out in accordance with the plan. The school building is relatively new, it started its operation in the year 2001, and is intended for 528 places. The total area of the building amounts to 6280.7 m2. of them in classrooms and classrooms have 4 227 m2 . There are equipped with classrooms, library, Auditorium, gym.

The school has good material and technical base for physical culture and sport:

1. A typical gym-272 sq.m. with all the necessary list of sport equipment.

2. Wrestling Hall-160 sq.m.

3. Football field -120 * 70 sq.m.

4. Gym area.



The school was included in the list of the best rural schools in the ranking of schools, which showed high educational results in the 2016/17 school year.


The school also became a winner in the ranking of schools and Zolskiy municipal district of general education institutions in the academic year 2016-2017. The drafters of rankings take into account how pupils passed the unified State exam, namely: overall score for the Russian language, mathematics and the subject of your choice. Also the number of winners was counted up the Olympics.


The school is the point of putting in the Highland GIA zone.



    Bus stop no. 12. Children's Health Center IM Dzhibilova B.a. "Scarlet Dawns".



    The children's Recreation Centre «Scarlet dawns "them. B.a. Dzhibilova is located in a picturesque corner of the district and Zolskiy in the Valley of the river Malka. Built jointly by collective farms of the area by the first Secretary of the CPSU Bashir Dzhibilova and Zolskiy more than forty years ago «Scarlet dawns and today has not lost its appeal.
Camp graces the Cypress Avenue stretching 200 m., mixed forest with an abundance of blue spruce and birches, willows. The beautiful nature of these places with forests, wild fruits, mushrooms and berries and a large host of medicinal herbs and plants have a beneficial effect on the health of the campers. There are all conditions for high-grade rest and improvement of children, water from the mineral springs. To conduct mass sporting events equipped sports ground: football, volleyball, basketball and obstacle course. Recently the roof, doors and Windows of the cottage houses, situated on the territory of the camp were replaced by new ones. Annually for the new school year here strength gain 300 zolchan pupils (3 shifts with 100 children). The Director is Hazhnogoev Muzarin Rezuanovich.
























      Bus stop no. 13. Old-timers.

"Old age lives yours and most comes with youth,"

popular wisdom says.

Longevity of our village are:

1. Vorokova Dahaujes-Ismailovna, born in 1915.


2. Kurzhan Shaova Muratovna-was born in 1920.



3. Umarova  Tamara Nahupshevna-was born in 1918.

4. Husenova Nashho Lutovna-1932 year of birth


5. Husenova Raya Sagovna-1932 birth


Was your path is long and hard.
But no! Not wasted!
Thank you, old people
For that keep Russia!



Bus stop no. 14. Outstanding people of the village

Malka brought up many good sons and daughters. Great success in the development of education, science, culture and agriculture they have glorified ourselves and native village throughout the country. Proud to say that in my village were born and grew up such famous throughout the Republic and residents of the country, as follows:

1.  Kokov Dzhamaldin  Nahovich -doctor of philological sciences, head of Department KBGU;
2. Tlenkopachev Mohamed Agurbievich -doctor of chemical sciences, Professor of the national Mexican University;
3. Mikitaev Abdullah Kasbulatovich -doctor of technical sciences, Member of the Scientific Council of high-molecular compounds of the Academy of Sciences of Russia (member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation);
4. Khachemizova Elena Vladimirovna- CBD champion among women Chess Championship;
5. Tazal Inalovich Mashukov -doctor of philological sciences (former editor-in-Chief of Kabardino-Balkaria Pravda ");
6. Tlenkopachev Musa Bubovich -doctor of economic sciences, Professor, head of Department of theory of PSTU;
7. Kipov Hasanbi Mazhidovich -Knight of the order of glory 3-x degrees;
8. Mahotlov Alim Anzorovich -RIOT POLICE Commander, Colonel, CBD party fighting action in all the hot spots of the former USSR, the Commander of the famous 9 companies, fought in Afghanistan;
9. Kamergoev Anatoli Zhantemirovich -the RA honoured worker of culture of the CBD, a member of the Union of writers and journalists of Russia;
10. Shikova Tamara Tabishevna -first, thesis zashhitivshaja goryanka PhD;
11. Krymova Irina Hazhsetovna -honoured artist of the CBD;

12. Aliy Tashlo Ismailovich - artist of Opera musical theatre of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic
13. Mahotlova Maya Ordashukovna is a honoured teacher of the Russian Federation;
14. Kumykova
Еvgeniya Karamukovna -honoured teacher of the Russian Federation;
15. Shaov B
еrd Musovich -the honoured teacher of the Russian Federation;
16. Cipinov Aslan Amerbievich -doctor of Sciences;
17. Tokbayeva Marzhanat Hazhmudarovna -milkmaid, master class 1, livestock was awarded the order of Lenin;
18. Kipova Daduchos Hatatovna -first Deputy;
19. Kuev Bata Ashadovicha -Chairman of the kolkhoz "Zarya socialism", was awarded the order of Lenin;
20. Oshhunov Laursan Shabanovich -Mayor SA, was awarded the order of Alexander Nevsky in WWII;
21. Hazhnagoev Abuba  Ficevich -judge of the Supreme Court;
22. ShogenovAues Kushbievich -Director General of the Association «Evrohleb».

This is not the whole list of outstanding people of our village. I can say that malkincy, as shown by the history documents occupy torical dominating position among other settlements of the area, i.e. starting from 1938 onwards, more than half of the leadership positions of the economy of the area occupied by them representatives.


























In the course of work on the topic had collected a lot of material, revealing different aspects of the life of the village of Malka. Work accomplished provided an opportunity to take a fresh look at this small corner of the Earth, which is my motherland. This is another great lesson in my life, at the end of which I came to the following conclusions:

-village of Malka is the people, in the history of life which many and complex, heavy, and bright, bright moments, the history of the village there is a lot to learn;

Today, Malka, despite potential, needs to address a number of important issues that have a direct impact on the well-being of the village as a whole.

The main conclusion I came up with:

Each person needs to know and understand the history of their region, because it can teach us a lot: first and foremost, fervently love their country, its culture, its people, to preserve this priceless richness and make it a better, more beautiful, richer and kinder!

  At the conclusion of its work, it is not my point, and put an ellipsis. While the village lives, the story continues.

In my work I described only a small part of the history and nature of their village. I spent a tour for the students classes and 7-8 felt caused interest among the guys. The path of research guys asked me lots of questions, which I haven't touched in their work. So I decided to continue research. I was convinced that the study of the history and nature of small motherland promotes patriotism among the younger generation.


But for now I want to finish my job the words from a poem by Matycinoj librarian G.s. "Korolivka»

"I wish you. My Malka,

Live forever, not to grow old, thrive!

But officials please:

"For life, create conditions only,

People from here don't have to leave! "











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7. Internet resources.

8. Materials of the school Museum.

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The Republican stage of the international competition : «The best research place  of Land!» 





Nomination: Philology. English language.

Theme: « Мy native  village Malka"






                                            Author:Hotov Idar, pupil 8 class;

                                          MKOU "secondary school № 1» s.p. Malka, and Zolskiy district, KBR;

            The head of  :Khuranova Asiyat Askerbievna , a  teacher of English.







The Republican contest






«Born» Cipinovyh






Cipinov Islam

Apprentice class 3 MKOU school № 1

s.p. Malka, and Zolskiy district


Scientific Supervisor:

Shogenova R.s. teacher of mathematics






The Republican contest






«Born» Bifovyh






Bifov Ruslan

Apprentice class 9 MKOU school № 1

s.p. Malka, and Zolskiy district


Scientific Supervisor:

Bifova M.m. physics teacher








Application for participation

in the Republican contest "My family tree and "The best place of the Earth!"








g.o. (SP.),

District, school, classroom

Title of work

Name leader (post, rank, phone)


Cipinov Islam

Zolsky, s.p. Malka,


3 class

Genus Cipinovyh

Rita Shogenova Sarabievna teacher of mathematics-89674172429


Bifov Ruslan

Zolsky, s.p. Malka,


9 class

Род Бифовых

Бифова Марина Мухамедовна учитель физики-89604221099


Дугужева Санета

Зольский, с.п. Малка,

МКОУ «СОШ №1»,

7 класс

Село Малка

Эльчепарова Сатаней Аликовна учитель биологии- 89064851028


Информация о направляющей организации

(школа, гимназия, центр дополнительного образования и т.д.) от которой выступает участник

Краткое наименование

(будет печататься в документах!)

МКОУ «СОШ №1» с.п. Малка


Полное наименование







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