Презентация по английскому языку "Усманов В.В."
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Презентация по английскому языку "Усманов В.В."

Оценка 4.8 (более 1000 оценок)
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Outstanding persons of the native land: Usmanov Vladimir Viktorovich

Author: Shcherbatova  Arina, form 9 A, school 41, Kurgan ,2019
Teacher: Samkova S.V.

Проект-конкурс «Мой Дом, Моя Земля»/
«My Home, My Land» - 2019

It is a lot of outstanding people in the Kurgan region, among them there are famous military leaders, generals Baev S.A., Dubynin V. P., Shumilov M.S. and others. But I want to tell about the soldier, the citizen, the patriot major general in resignation Vladimir Viktorovich Usmanov. His name is widely known to Kurgan region thanks to its tireless, fruitful and versatile activity.
I consider what Vladimir Viktorovich made much for patriotic education of the younger generation of the Kurgan region

Baev S.A.

Dubynin V.P.

Usmanov V.V.

Shumilov M.S.


Vladimir Viktorovich Usmanov was born on August 9, 1951 in family of teachers in the village the Stepmother of the Macheshansky Village Council of Kikvidzevsky district of the Stalingrad, nowadays Volgograd region

mother Evgeniya Petrovna

grandmother and grandfather, Vera Mikhaelovna and Petr Mironovich

Father Viktor Konstantinovich

In 1958 was admitted on training to Dubovsky high school from which graduated in 1968. After leaving school he is enlisted by the cadet of the Leningrad highest general command school of S.M. Kirov

Service in Armed forces

After the end of training in school in 1972, served in positions of the commander of a platoon (1972 — 1975) and the commander of a motorized infantry company of the 322nd motorized rifle regiment of the Central group of troops. Then in positions of the commander of a motorized infantry company (1977 — 1979) and the chief of staff of motorized rifle battalion in the Leningrad Military District (1979 — 1981).
He is the member of the CPSU since 1975 , in 1991 he left party as the serviceman

During the Afghan war from December, 1981 to August, 1983 he was the chief of staff — the deputy commander, then the commander of motorized rifle battalion of the 180th motorized rifle regiment V.V. Usmanov was as a part of the narrow contingent of the Soviet troops in the Democratic Republic Afghanistan

During the period from 1983 to 1986 he was the student of Military academy of M.V. Frunze, the city of Moscow. After the end of training, till 1991 he served in positions of the chief of staff (1986) and he was the commander of the 126th educational motorized rifle regiment in the Volga Military District

On July 27, 1991 he is appointed to the position of the military commissioner of the Kurgan region whose powers carried out till 2006. During service, brought the significant contribution to improvement of mobilization readiness of the region and improvement of quality of training of recruits for military service in armed forces of the Russian Federation
Since September, 1998 the Military commissariat of the Kurgan region (only among military registration and enlistment offices of territorial subjects of the federation) began to issue the newspaper "Sluzhim Otechestvu". Under the leadership of the military commissioner the control system when carrying out mobilization which reduced notification terms is created, its efficiency was shown during command-staff exercise " Zaural board-2005" and " Zaural board-2006" in which 55 thousand persons are attracted. Under its management the cadet movement in the Kurgan region developed.
In 2006 the major general V.V. Usmanov came to military pension 

Public work

V.V. Usmanov took active part in regional events in the sphere of patriotic education of youth. Is one of authors of the Book of Memory of the Kurgan region devoted to perpetuating of memory of participants of the Great Patriotic War and also the citizens who died at execution of a military duty. In 1995 the newspaper editorial office of the Volga-Ural Military District recognized Usmanov "The person of year".
In 2001 entered into Alliance of journalists of Russia.
Since December 8, 2004 he was a member of the Russian Writers' Union. Vladimir Usmanov chose the sharpest from all literary genres — journalism. He actively works on creation of a series of books of patriotic orientation

After retirement in 2006, he carried out the adviser's powers, and since 2014 the plenipotentiary of the Governor of the Kurgan region on patriotic education. V.V. Usmanov took active part in preparation of the electronic version of the Book of Memory of the Kurgan region and the website "Memory of the Kurgan region "

Under its management the all-regional actions "Let's Put a Monument to the Village" which aim preserving the memory of those who died from nowadays nonexistent settlements at the front (over 100 monuments are established) and "Memory wells", preserving the memory of heroes fellow countrymen in rural areas are carried out (more than 70 wells in 14 areas are built)

In June, 2015 Usmanov headed Kurgan regional office of VOOV "Fighting Brotherhood", is the plenipotentiary of the organization in the Ural Federal District. In September, 2017 under the leadership of Usmanov on the basis of Berezovsky of agro-industrial technical school primary youth organization of Fighting Brotherhood is created.

In 2015 for a noticeable contribution to military patriotic literature of the Kurgan region, Usmanov is conferred the All-Russian award of D.N. Mamin-Sibiryak.
In January, 2019 left the post in the government of the Kurgan region (The plenipotentiary of the governor of the Kurgan region concerning patriotic education) and retired. The seniority reached 50 years

Scientific activity

Usmanov is a doctor of pedagogical sciences. In 1998 defended the master's thesis on the subject "Formation of Military and Professional Orientation of Preinduction Youth (Pedagogical Aspect)". Associate professor of pedagogics of the Kurgan state university, professor. In 2004 he defended the doctoral dissertation on the subject "Teoretiko-metodologichesky Justification and Practice of Management of Military Vocational Guidance of Youth".
In 2007 in absentia graduated from the Ural state legal academy


Honorary worker of the general education of the Russian Federation.
Order "For Military Merit", 1997.
Award of the Red Star, 1982.
The Order of Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow 3 class, No. 3, September, 1995, for the help in restoration of temples of the Kurgan diocese.
Medal "For Merit in the Conduct of the All-Russian Population Census".
Medal "For Faultless Service" of three degrees.
Medal "200 years to the Ministry of Defence".
Medal to "Soldier internationalist from the grateful Afghan people".
Medal "Patriot of Russia".
Gold medal "For Peacekeeping and Charity".
Commemorative medal to "Participant of the local conflicts".
Medal "For Military Valour".
Medal of M.V. Lomonosov.
Medal of A.I. Pokryshkin, for high-quality training of recruits and others.


Vladimir Usmanov has a wife Olga, the daughter Anastasia(1981) and the son Nikita(1988)


with wife

with grandsons

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