ШКОЛЬНЫЙ КОНКУРС ПРОЕКТНЫХ И ИССЛЕДОВАТЕЛЬСКИХ РАБОТ «ДЕНЬ НАУКИ» ПРОЕКТНАЯ РАБОТА Проектная работа ПО ЛИНГВИСТИКЕ ТЕМА : «Сирия: как это началось, что происходит и что будет дальше?»

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Оксана Сальникова Сертификат автора

Introduction. The war in Syria is not indifferent to our work nobody. The aim is origins of madness, to solve the problems associated with the actions occurring at the moment and draw conclusions about the future of the conflict. The war in Syria - a typical proxy war. It is a conflict of the superpowers (centers of power). The last 70 years after the nuclear superpowers ceased to fight with each other directly. All conflicts are superpowers in the form of proxy wars (English proxy -. «Representative authorized").In fact - this is a war by proxy. The stories are countless examples: Afghanistan, Vietnam, plenty of countries in Africa, is now Syria. The typical form of proxy war - a civil war within a particular state. Centres of force maintain the conflicting parties in a civil war, financed by the fighting, supplying weapons, ammunition, advisers. In case of threat of defeat of "their" side, a superpower can interfere with its armed forces.

The main part 2.1. War -proksi. Proxy war characterized by the f...

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