Сценарий вечера, посвященного дню Св. Валентина, на английском языке.
Оценка 5 (более 1000 оценок)

Сценарий вечера, посвященного дню Св. Валентина, на английском языке.

Оценка 5 (более 1000 оценок)
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английский язык
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Открытое мероприятие предназначено для учащихся 9-11 классов и совершенно доступно для подготовки самими старшеклассниками. Сценарий содержит мою инсценировку рассказа известной американской писательницы Кэрол Бринк "Розы красные", выступление клуба английских джентельменов, тексты оригинальных английских песен "Clementine", "My Bonny", "Edelwise" и других.

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Сценарий проведения открытого мероприятия, посвященного Дню Св. Валентина Инсценировка рассказа Кэрол Бринк “The Rose is Red” (занавес закрывается, перед занавесом появляется автор). Author: I was born in Moscow, Idaho, on December 28, 1895. I enjoyed the blue mountains, colourful wild flowers. I had quite a few pets, including pony. After I graduated the college in California, I wrote several books besides Caddie Woodlawn. However she is my favourite. (появляетсяКэдди) Caddie: Hi, my name is Caddie. I like going to school because it’s fun. I was ill for several weeks and I missed my classmates greatly. I went back to school in February. I was so glad to be back at school in time for Valentine’s Day, because that is always fun. On this day most of us exchange comics and we, girls, enjoy getting pretty Valentine’s greeting cards. What puzzles me greatly – is the fact, that Tom has been thoughtful for several days before the holiday. (на авансцену выходит Том) Tom: Caddie, I wish I had a silver dollar like you have. Why don’t you spend it for Valentines? Caddie: A whole silver dollar for Valentines? Your greatest problem, Tom, is that you can never save your money. Tom:Well, may be not all of it. But you just ought to see the beauties they’ve got down at Dunville store? Caddie: The beauties? What do you mean? (Том убегает) Tom(на бегу):Oh, sorry, Caddie. There’s Bill and I must talk to him. Caddie(рассуждает): Is Tom hinting at a loan? Does he really want me to lend the money to him? Bat I can’t give it to him. I’ve been keeping my silver dollar for so long… (уходит) Author: After school the next day she started for the Dunville store. She left her silver dollar at home. She had saved six pennies besides her silver dollar and there she put in her pocket on February 13th. (занавес открывается. В глубине сцены прилавок магазина со стендом, на котором открытки, комиксы и т.д. За прилавком хозяин.) На авансцене Кэдди, Хэтти и Уорен. Они идут навстречу друг другу) Caddie: Hetty! Warren! Would you like to go to the Dunville store with me? Hetty: I’d like to, but I must be at home by 2p.m. Caddie: And you, Warren? Warren: I was there yesterday and I spent all my money on cards. I’d better go home. Caddie: Warren, have you seen Tom this afternoon? Warren: Yes, he was the first one out of the school-house, but I don’t know where he is now. Caddie: Well, perhaps, I’ll see him in the Dunville store. (Хэтти и Уоррен уходят. Кэдди подходит к прилавку) Author: As Caddie came in sight of the Dunville she saw a familiar figure disappearing into the back door. Caddie: That’s Tom! But why at the back door? And why is he so mysterious these days? (обращается к хозяину) Good afternoon, Mr. Adams! Adams: Hallo, Caddie! How are you? Some comics, I suppose? (Кэдди выбирает шесть комиксов) Caddie: I’d like six penny comics for my friends. Adams: You must choose whatever you like over there. Caddie (думает): I’ll take this one for Warren, (вслух): that blue one for Hatty, that funny one for Tom and these ones for Maggy, Jane and Lida. Oh,what a nice card! (замечает красивую открытку, берет ее и читает) The rose is red, The violets are blue Sugar is sweet And so are you. I wish I had my silver dollar with me now. It is so beautiful. But I have nobody to give it to. I’m not sweet on anybody. I wonder, how much it is? (к хозяину) How much is it, Mr. Adams? Adams: Fifty cents. But I guess I is sold, Caddie. There is a young man in the back room here, peeling potatoes to pay for it. Caddie: Oh, it must be Tom! Is it for me, this lovely Valentine? It’s impossible! Tom has always given me comics and yet who is a better friend to Tom, than I am? No one surely. (уходит) Занавес закрывается. На авансцене автор. Author: She went home slowly thinking. She knew that Tom wouldn’t want anyone to know that he was peeling potatoes to earn a Valentine, so she decided to lock his secret in her heart. It was the first secret she had ever known him to have from her. (звенит звонок) The next day the school house was full of whispering. Miss Parker, the teacher, tried to keep that order she could. But she was not very angry as Valentine’s Day only come once a year. (Занавес открывается. На сцене дети переговариваются, рассматривают открытки, конверты на столе). Caddie hastily scanned her Valentines. She hadn’t expected the “rose is red” one, but she couldn’t stop looking to make sure. But it wasn’t there. The comics ones were very funny, though, and there was a little bad of candy hearts from Sam flusher. Altogether it was a good day. Caddie: Where is the “rose is red” Valentine, I wonder? Tom must have got tired of peeling potatoes before he had paid for it. What a pity! I wish I had bought it myself! Katie: Oh, what a nice Valentine! Is it for me? It must be a mistake! It must be addressed to somebody else! (краснеет, разворачивает) Lida: Just, look at Katie Hyman! Why are her Fingers trembling, I wonder? It must be the first Valentine In all her life. But isn’t that fifty pence Valentine with the words: “The rose is red”? It’s always the best one in the Dunville store! Maggie: Who was sent it for her? Katie, who is it from? Katie: I don’t know, there’s no name on it anywhere. Maggie: Girls! Just look at her face! Her eyes are sparkling as if they had tears in them. Lida: I have never seen her smiling like that. Author: Caddie didn’t take part in their conversation. She looked at Tom but he was standing by the stove, finishing an apple and talking with some of the boys, as if he had never heard of Valentines in his like. Hetty: Caddie, did you say that great, big Valentine Katie Hyman got? Who do you suppose sent it? There wasn’t any name, but I’m sure that Tom sent it. Don’t you think so? I’m going to tell everybody so. Cadie: Why, Hetty? Who put That in your head? You know, Tom can’t save a cent. Then how do you suppose he could buy the finest Valentine the store without any money? Hetty: That’s so. I Know! May be she got it for herself just to make us think she had a beau. I’ll go to tell everybody about that. I never believed that somebody could be “sweet one” such a stupied girl. (уходят все) Caddie: I couldn’t let her make Tom’s life miserable. I do everything with Tom. I’m much more Fun than Katie. Why, she’s afraid of horses and snakes. But she’s what you call a little lady and I’m just a tom boy. May be there’s something in this lady business after all. (навстречу ей выходит Уоррен) Warren: Hey, let’s go coasting! All these silly Valentines, sugar – plum stuff! Caddie: I guess, you are right. Go hell with it! Come along, who will be the first one on the hill with the sledge! (веселая музыка, они убегают) Comp.1. The ideas and fashions have changed and the sense of Valentine cards has grown up under the shadow or the sentimental original and is sometimes really humorous, or so – called humorous. But usually it was extremely vulgar and often definitely cruel in intention. Comp.2. There are all kids: The sick joke – reclining lady on the front, and inside she will “kick you in your ear” the satirical I “You are charming, witty, intelligent … and … if you believe all this you must be…” (inside the card you find an animated cuckoo clock) (песня “Clementine”) Comp.3. And the take – off of the sentimental – “Here’s the key of my heart … use it before I change the lock”. And the attempts to send a serious message without being too slickly, ending with variations of “mine”, “thine”, “Valentine”. (песня “I’ve come from Alabama”) Comp.1. Both types fill into disflavour together and it was not until the thirties of present the romantic Valentine came back into fashion. (песня “You’ll see”) Comp.2. Today it is once more guite well known and used by many young people all over the world, though it has not yet recovered (and probably never will) the enormous popularity of its Victorian hey-day. (выступление ” The English Gentlemen Club”) A: When I was in hospital, all my friends came to see me every visiting day. B: Oh, you have very nice friends. A: Yes, and I had a very nice nurse. A: Look, Godfrey, your sweetheart is sitting over there! Why not go and sit next to her? B: I’d like to, but I have the feeling she hasn’t paid her bill yet. A: Why did you divorce your wife? B: Because her parrot was saying all the time “Kiss me, Harry!” A:Isn’t that a reason for a divorce? B: May be, but my name is Sam. A: This is the second day your wife has a toothache. Why don’t you do something about it? B: But I do! I put cotton wool in my ears. A: Have you got any explanation for wandering about at this time of the night? B: Look here, if I had an explanation, I’d have gone home to my wife long ago. A: Where a you going? B: To the bus stop. My wife asked me to pick some buttons up there. Comp.3. In the middle ages a serenade performance was the most effective way of assuring a lover of the sincerity of feelings. A serenade is a song in honor of ladies, a song – a love appeal. Trumpt – players performed it in the evening or at night under a window or a balcony to the guitar accompaniment. (монтаж кадров из фильмов, где поют серенады) Comp.1. According to the legend those people who on the 14th of February find their love, what’s more make a decision of getting married, St. Valentine will patron all the life. He’s been doing it for more than 200 years. It means that today you may rely on him bravely. (песня “The Winner Takes It All” Abba) Comp.2. And these who don’t believe, let them touch wood and spit against a shoulder. Such is St. Valentine’s Day, the holiday of youth and love, and if you don’t meet your Valentine on this day, don’t be upset. You’ll have plenty of time ahead of you and you will by all means find him or her. (песня “I’ve just called to say…”) Edelweiss, edelweiss, every morning you greet me Edelweiss Small and white, clean and bright You look happy to meet me. Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow, Bloom and grow forever. Edelweiss, edelweiss, bless my home hand for ever. Clementine Words and music: Percy Montrose In a cavern, in a canyon Excavating for a mine, Dwelt a miner, forty-niner And her daughter, Clementine. Ch: Oh, my darling, Oh, my darling, Oh, my darling Clementine. You are lost and gone forever. Dreadful sorry, Clementine. Light she was and like a fairy, And her shoes were number nine, Herring boxes without topces Sandals were for Clementine. Ch: Drove her ducklings to the water, Every morning just a nine, Hit her foot against a splinter, Fill into the foaming brine. Ch: Saw her lips above the water Blowing bubbles mighty fine But alas! I was no swimmer, So I lost my Clementine. Oh, Susanna Words and music: Stephen C. Foster I come from Alabama With is banjo on my knee, I’m going to Lousiana My true love for to see It rained all night the day I left, The weather it was dry, The sun so not I froze to death, Susanna, don’t you cry. Ch: Oh, Susanna, don’t you cry for me I come from Alabama With a bango on my knee. I had a dream the other night When everything was still, I thought I saw Susanna dear, When I coming down the hill. A back wheat cake was in her mouth, The tear was in her eye, I said I’m coming from the south, Susanna, don’t you cry. My, Bonny Scottish Folksong My Bonny is over the ocean, My Bonny is over the sea, My Bonny is over the ocean, Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me. Last night as I lay on my pillow Last night as I lay on my bed, Last night as I lay on my pillow, I dreamed that my Bonnie was dead. Repeat the first one.
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