Test for 7 grade
Оценка 4.8

Test for 7 grade

Оценка 4.8
Test for  7 grade
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 Test for  7 grade       

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1.Choose the right verbs

How long … you…the book?

A) has, been     B) have, been      C) have, read      D) are, read       E) has, read

2. Answer the question

What is the capital of Great Britain?

A) Ottawa   B) Paris    C) Astana    D) Washington    E) London

3. Choose the right form of plural nouns:

A) Baby     B) Babys      C) Babies      D)Babiys      E) Babyes

4. Find the right verbs:

It ……………for 3 hours already.

A) have been snowing   B) have snow   C) has snow  D) has been snowing   E) snow

5.Find the opposite word:


A) Interesting   B) Kind   C) Big   D) Patient    E) Rude

6. Answer the question:

What does the traditional British Sunday lunch consist of?

A) Yorkshire pudding    B) Apple cake   C) Milk and toast  D) Bread and butter   E) Bacon and eggs

7. Choose the right modal verb:

I…. get up early on Mondays.

Is to                   may                   able to                     have to                          must

8. Find the right form of the verb:

My brother … at the theatre yesterday.

Am                       Is                       Are                    Were                   Was

9. Choose the right word:

There … a lot of bread on the table.

A)am             B) were                C) are                 D) weren’t                 E)is

10. Choose the right word:

There was only……butter left.

A) A few             B) A little           C) Many            D) The                  E) A

11. Choose the right verb:

My brother … a bread last year.

A) have grown        B) had grown           C)have grew           D) grew           E)grow

12. Find the right word:

Cardiff is the capital of……

A) England         B) Wales          C) Northern Ireland             D) Scotland                   E) Britain

13. Choose the verb in the right form:

He ………….back home. Here he is.

has come                came                come                        have come        came

14. Find the right article

She has got… lovely smile.

A) The                           B)-                         C) An                          D) A                      E) Any

15. Choose the right word :

There is…. milk in the bottle.

few                 many                     little                     an                          are

16. Choose the right form

New hospital ………..by the Queen.

A) were opened         B) open                  C) opening                  D) opens                E) was opened

17. Choose the right word:

He did the work……

A) Herself               B) Myself              C) Itself            D) Himself                 E) Themselves

18. Choose the right form of the verb:

Bread is … every day.

eat                          eaten                eating                            eats                      eated

19. Write the right word:

We …going to visit Picture Gallery. We are interested in Kazakh art.

A)is                    B) were                     C) been                      D) are                              E) was

20. Write the necessary pre"">I rely…my friend.

at              with                 on                                                       after
























































Test for 7 grade

Test for 7 grade

Choose the right word: There was only……butter left

Choose the right word: There was only……butter left

Write the right word: We …going to visit

Write the right word: We …going to visit

Test for 7 grade

Test for  7 grade

Test for 7 grade

Test for  7 grade
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