The Simbols of some Russian cities.

The Simbols of some Russian cities.


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The Simbols of some Russian cities.


On the green field of the shield depicts a log cabin with a collar and two handles — the image of mining the mine and smelter with a red fire within. It symbolizes the metallurgical industry of Ekaterinburg. From different sides the shield is supported by the Bear is a European symbol and Sable - Asian symbol that shows the ownership of Yekaterinburg to these two parts of the world. Animals are imaged with a grin and protruding tongues, thus representing a formidable guards of the city. They are a gold belt, located under the shield is the symbol of a capital Yekaterinburg.


The bear was a revered animal among the tribes that inhabited the territory of what is now Yaroslavl. According to legend, Yaroslav the Wise killed the bear with the axe, which he was released by local residents. In this place he founded a city which was called after Yaroslavl. Thus the emblem of the city of Yaroslavl the bear and the axe symbolize the relationship of paganism and Christianity. The bear symbolizes totem animal, worshipped by pagans, and considered him the founder of a sort, and the axe a symbol of power and capacity for self-organization. Also axe was a generic sign of Yaroslav .


The coat of arms of city of Khabarovsk is a picture of a shield divided vertically into three equal parts painted in the colors of the national flag of Russia. The bear and tiger are not supporters, they are the main figures. Scarlet eyes and tongues protruding from mouths, from the point of view of the laws of heraldry say that the bear and tiger are "armed" defenders of the city.


On a gold shield at the centre of the green field depicts a figure playing a silver horse. He is depicted in profile.The horse is symbolically combines the properties of several animals: the courage of a lion, eyesight of an eagle, strength of an ox, quickness of a deer, the agility of a Fox. On the arms he is angry, rose up on its hind legs, playing – when the eye color is different from the color of the body. In the image it manifested itself in the flowering of language and eyes scarlet. The horse itself is black, which symbolizes nobility and frankness. Green field – meadow grass.


At the top of the shield azure color – silver cloud emerging from his right-hand Nude the embodiment of God's right hand. The main element – gold bars with a raised right paw. He has a red tongue, silver eyes, black marks on the skin, the tail – brush. The tower shield is crowned with a Golden crown, decorated with a Laurel wreath and a Hoop with semi-precious stones. The crown is located on top of two silver crossed swords – the symbol of the title, which was awarded the Pskov – "City of military glory". The shield kept turning leopards, like the one shown on the shield. They decorate the shoulder silver hoops with five teeth. In the front paws from the bars, along the shields, Golden swords in azure sheath, decorated with silver plates.

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