Оценка 5


Оценка 5

Lesson plan

Long-term plan unit:

 10.3A  Information Systems



Teacher name:

Grade: 10

Number present:


The topic of the lesson:



Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to to assess the advantages and disadvantages of usage of Bigdata

Assessment criteria

        Know the Bigdata

        Know the positive and negative sides of Bigdata

        Be able to analyze Bigdata

Success criteria

All learners will be able to know:

The notion of Bigdata

The advantages and disadvantages of Bigdata


Language objectives


Subject vocabulary and terminology:

Data analysis, data collection, storage, data, relational database

Useful phrases for dialogue / writing

Bigdata is …

Unstructured data is…

Analysis Methods ...

Technologies of work with Bigdata …

Value links

Group work , co-operation, academic honesty

Cross curricular links


Previous learning


Course of the lesson

Planned stages of the lesson

Planned activities at the lesson









Warm up:

 Students formulate a topic, lesson objectives, and assessment criteria to achieve the objectives of the lesson.

Glossary discussion

Big data is a tool for processing both structured and unstructured data in order to use it for specific tasks and purposes.

Unstructured data is information that does not have a predefined structure or is not organized in a specific order.

Discuss with children what they mean by this term.


Big Data is data which is more than 100GB (500GB, 1TB, etc.)

Big Data is data that cannot be processed in Excel.

Big Data is data that cannot be processed on a single computer.
















Formative assessment

Students write formative assessment base on previous knowledge

Teacher gathers formative assessment and presents new information about Big data

Students assess each other’s works




Theoretical material

4 V’s


      The quantity of generated and stored data. The size of the data determines the value and potential insight, and whether it can be considered big data or not.


      The type and nature of the data. This helps people who analyze it to effectively use the resulting insight. Big data draws from text, images, audio, video; plus it completes missing pieces through data fusion.


      In this context, the speed at which the data is generated and processed to meet the demands and challenges that lie in the path of growth and development. Big data is often available in real-time. Compared to small data, big data are produced more continually. Two kinds of velocity related to big data are the frequency of generation and the frequency of handling, recording, and publishing.


      It is the extended definition for big data, which refers to the data quality and the data value. The data quality of captured data can vary greatly, affecting the accurate analysis.




Practical task

Students divided into 4 groups each should do a quick research on 1 V of Big data 4V’s

Students present their materials to the whole class and write notes about each others presentations





The learners speak in a circle with one sentence, choosing the beginning of a phrase from the reflective screen on the board:

today i found out ...

it was interesting…

it was difficult…

I was doing the job ...

I realized that ...

Now I can…

I felt that ...

I learned ... I did it ...

I could ...

I'll try…

I was surprised ...

The board

Differentiation – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

Assessment – how are you planning to check students’ learning?

Health and safety regulations

The teacher has strong support for weak students.


Most students will: argue and understand, draw conclusions when solving situational tasks.

Some learners will: be able to use one of the ways to create websites

Assessment is carried out at each stage of the lesson:

- according to the evaluation criteria, analyze the successes and difficulties that will allow the teacher to look at the lesson through the eyes of students, to analyze it in terms of value for each student.

In order to prevent fatigue in the lesson provides active activities, group work.



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Lesson plan Long-term plan unit: 10

Lesson plan Long-term plan unit: 10

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