"Around school" 2 grade
Оценка 4.9 (более 1000 оценок)

"Around school" 2 grade

Оценка 4.9 (более 1000 оценок)
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"Around school" 2 grade
"Around school" 2 grade
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Unit 3 My school

School: Bumakol EKS

Date:  13.11.2019

Teacher name: Mubinov Zh.Zh.

 Grade: 2

Number present:

Number absent:

Theme of the lesson: 

Вокруг школы.

Around school

Learning objectives

2.L4 recognise with support short basic questions relating to features such as colour and number

2.L5 identify missing phonemes in incomplete words

2.UE14 use basic prepositions of location and position e.g. in, at, next to, near, on, to describe where people and things are use basic prepositions of time: on, in to talk about days and time use with to indicate accompaniment

2.S3 ask questions in basic exchanges about people, objects and classroom routines

2.W3 write familiar words to identify people, places and objects


Lesson objectives

Learners will be able to:

recognize, match and write words and pictures

recognise basic prepositions of location and position

Previous learning

Counting and Measuring


Planned timings

Planned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities)



5 min





Teacher: Good afternoon!

How are you?

Learners answer the question How are you?, looking at the picture.



All learners asked to stand up, move and count

Learners answer the question: How many (boards, windows, doors, desks, chairs) are in the classroom?

Teacher : Go to the board! Go to the window! Go to the door! Go to the board!





Let's Count to 50 Song



25 min









Task 1. Group work

- T divides the class into 2 groups. Ever group think up 5 the questions and another group answers the questions.

For example: What is this?

Descriptor: A learner

 correct questions

  correct answers

• pronounces words and expressions clearly.


Physical training

I can jump I can run
I can sing I can dance
I can swim I can’t fly
I can climb and say good bye.


Classroom maps

Ever learner draw and write how many classroom things in the classroom


Descriptor: A learner • completes words;

 • count.

correctly write.














School things


10 min








Task Listen and fill in the missing letters. Use letters from the box.

ca _____ een  li _____ ary co _____ erence hall co _____ uter room 17 seve _____ een

Descriptor: A learner • completes words;

 • uses appropriate letters.



Traffic lights

Give the home task Learn the words

Saying goodbye





LESSON 1 9 Unit 3 My school School:

LESSON 1 9 Unit 3 My school School:

Task 1. Group work -

Task 1. Group work -
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