Дидактический материал по теме Daily Routine

Дидактический материал по теме Daily Routine


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Daily Routine


1. Translate the following expressions into your own language.

Wake up =

Leave home =

Get up =

Go to school=

Get dressed/put the shoes on =

Arrive at school =

Go to the bathroom =

Start school =

Have a shower =

Finish school =

Brush my teeth =

Do the homework=

Comb my hair =

Come back home =

Have breakfast =

 Help my mother at home =

Make the bed =

Have lunch/dinner

Talk on the phone =

Download music and films =

Work on the computer =

 Play computer game=

Feed the cat/dog =

 Surf the net =

Read =

Update my status on the facebook

Write =

Check my e-mail =

Do the housework =

Get undressed =

Walk the dog =

Say the prayers =

Watch TV =

Go to bed =

Listen to music =

Go to sleep/fall asleep =


2. Read and translate the text

Sophie’s daily routine

Sophie is sixteen years old and she lives in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.

She usually gets up at a quarter to seven, she has a shower, gets dressed and then she brushes her teeth. After that, she goes downstairs and has breakfast. For breakfast she usually has milk, toast and orange juice. Then she brushes her teeth again because she likes them white and healthy!

Then she grabs her bag and goes to the bus stop to catch the bus. Classes start at half past eight and finish at half past four. She usually has lunch at the college canteen with her groupmates at about 12 o’clock. Her best friend is Kate and Sophie always sits next to her at lunch.

After college she returns home and does her homework. She is a very hard-working student and she never misses a college task! After homework, she usually listens to music and watches television a bit.

At half past seven it is time for dinner. Then she usually reads a book or chats with her parents for a while.

Finally, she goes to bed at about eleven o’clock, but before that she brushes her teeth. Sophie is a happy girl!


3. Answer the questions about the text.

1. What time does Sophie get up?    -----------------------------------------------

2. Does she usually have a shower?    ---------------------------------------------

3. What does she eat for breakfast?   ----------------------------------------------

4. What does she drink for breakfast?   --------------------------------------------

5. What does she do after breakfast?   ---------------------------------------------

6. Does she go to college on foot?   ------------------------------------------------

7. What time does college start?   --------------------------------------------------

8. What time does it finish?   --------------------------------------------------

9. Where does Sophie usually have lunch?   -------------------------------------

10. Who is Sophie’s best friend?   -------------------------------------------------

11. What does Sophie do when she returns home?   ----------------------------

12. How many times a day does she brush her teeth?   -------------------------

13. Is she a happy girl?   --------------------------------------------------


4. Order Sophie’s daily routine.

She goes to bed at about ten o’clock.

She gets dressed.

She catches the bus to college.

She has lunch at the college canteen.

She listens to music.

She gets up.

She does her homework.

She has a shower.

She has dinner.


5. Write the sentences in the interrogative and negative forms.

1. Sophie brushes her teeth three times a day.

NEG --------------------------------------------------

INT --------------------------------------------------

2. She goes to college by bus.

NEG --------------------------------------------------

INT --------------------------------------------------

3. She listens to music.

NEG --------------------------------------------------

INT --------------------------------------------------

4. She chats with her parents for a while.

NEG --------------------------------------------------

INT --------------------------------------------------


6. Прочитайте текст и постарайтесь ответить на вопросы:

Hi! My name’s Jane and I’m a secretary at a big company. Every morning I get up at 8 o’clock and have a shower. Then I have breakfast, get dressed and go to work. At work I send e-mails and answer telephone calls. At 12 o’clock I have lunch. I finish work at 18 o’clock and go home. At work I have dinner, surf the Internet and go to bed.

My weekend is much more interesting. On Saturday I usually do sports and go out with my best friend. Her name is Alice. We like to go to the cinema together. Sometimes we go to an art gallery or to a museum.

On Sunday I always spend time with my family. We watch TV together and talk. Sometimes my father plays the guitar.

I like my Sundays and Saturdays!

1.     What does Jane do in the morning?

2.     What does Jane do at work?

3.     What does Jane do on Saturday?

4.     Where do Jane and Alice do together?

5.     What does Jane’s father do on Sunday?

6.     Does Jane like her Sundays?


7. Дополните предложения.

1.     He usually … up at 6.00 o’clock in the morning.

2.     I … lunch at school.

3.     In my family we usually … dinner at about 5m.

4.     I … to bed late.

5.     She always … her teeth before she goes to bed.

6.     On Sunday, Kate goes … with her.

7.     In the evening we often … to the radio.

8.     My mother likes to … a bath.


8. Fill in the blanks with the Simple Present of the verbs in brackets:

         Peter (1) ____ (start) his day at 7.00.  He (2) ____ (have) breakfast in the kitchen with all the family.  Each member (3) _____ (fix) his own breakfast.  Peter (4) ____ (like) orange juice, toast and milk.  He always (5) ______ (have) an apple: his mother (6) _____ (believe) “an apple a day (7) _________ (keep) the doctor away”. After breakfast Peter (8) _____ (make) his bed and (9) _____ (tidy) up his bedroom.  He (10) _______ (get) ready for lessons.  He mustn’t be late, mother (11) ______ (be) very strict.

         At 8.00 the Hanson kids (12) __________ (start) their lessons.  At midday they (13) _____ (have) lunch.  Then it’s sport time: they (14) _______ (love) playing basketball, in-line staking and skate-boarding.  After a refreshing shower the Hanson brothers (15) _____ (rehearse) till dinner, because their fans (16) ______ (be) very demanding: they (17) __________ (want) every detail to be OK.

         Peter and his brothers (18) ______ (not/have) dinner with their parents as their father is always late.  Their mother (19) ______ (not/like) it very much.  So, at weekends they (20) ______ (be) always together.


9. Fill in the blanks with the Simple Present of the verbs in brackets:

         Mary (1) ______ (wake) up at 7.00.  Then she (2) ______ (get) up at 7.30 and she (3)________ (go) to the bathroom.  She (4) ______ (have) a shower, (5) ________ (brush) her teeth and (6) ______ (comb) her hair.  Afterwards she (7) ________ (have) breakfast.  Ten minutes later she (8) ________ (take) her satchel, (9) _______ (kiss) her mother and (10)  _______ (catch) a bus to school with her friend Diana.  They (11) _______ (start) school at 9.00.  They (12) ______ (not/have) lunch at the school canteen.  At three o’clock they (13) _____ (return) home.

         In the afternoon, she (14) ______ (study) her lessons and (15) _______ (ride) her bicycle.  In the evening she (16) ______ (help) her mother prepare the dinner.  After dinner she (17) ______ (watch) TV, her mother (18)  _______ (read) a magazine and her father (19) ______ (go) to bed earlier since he (20) ______ (be) always the first in the family to get up.




10. Speak about them:

job: shop assistant


·        gets up – 6:00

·        feeds her cat

·        makes her breakfast

·        girl14brushes teeth

·        tidies her room

·        has breakfast

·        leaves to work – 8:15


·        finishes work – 5:00

·        goes shopping

·        has a light dinner at a café

·        goes to her aerobics lesson


·        arrives home – 8:00

·        calls her friends

·        has a shower

·        watches TV

·        goes to bed – 10:10

job: student


·        Jessica

gets up – 5:00

·        puts on her clothes

·        goes cycling (15 km every morning)

·        has a shower

·        has breakfast

·        goes to university – 7:45


·        has lunch  in the university canteen

·        girl19finishes her lessons – 4:00

·        meets her friends

·        arrives home – 6:00

·        makes dinner


·        studies

·        meets her boyfriend

·        has a shower

·        goes to sleep – 10:15


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