Worksheet 1.Experiment for teacher
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Worksheet 1.Experiment for teacher

Оценка 4.6
Worksheet 1.Experiment  for teacher
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Worksheet 1. Experiment.

Objective:  To investigate the force on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field

Apparatus: stiff wire, strong permanent magnet, 9V dry cell, switch, insulated copper wires


1.      Bend a stiff wire in to a shape of a swing (Fig.1). Connect it to the copper wires, dry cell and switch to form a circuit.

2.      Place the S pole of the magnet over the part of wire  BC.


3.      Switch on the current. Observe the direction in which the  wire swings.

4.      Reserve the direction of the current by switching the polarity of the dry cell. In which direction does the wire swing now?

5.      Invert the magnet so that the pole above the wire is now N pole. Repeat step 3. Note the direction in which the wire moves.


Fill the blanks by using the words( opposite,  outwards, inwards). You may use them more than one time.

1.  With the current flowing in direction  , the wire swings outwards from the magnet.

2.    If the current reversed, the wire swings in the opposite direction, i.e. inwards.

3.    If the magnetic field is  reversed, the wire swings outwards, again.





Worksheet 1. Experiment. Objective :

Worksheet 1. Experiment. Objective :
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