Итоговая контрольная работа 8 класс
Оценка 4.6

Итоговая контрольная работа 8 класс

Оценка 4.6
Итоговая контрольная работа 8 класс
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Part 1. Reading

Questions 1 – 5

Which notice (A - F) says (1 -5)?

 For questions 1 – 5, mark the correct letter A – F in your sheet, one is extra




1.   A lot of famous meeting take place here                                 A

2.    It’s a part of a very old tradition                                                                        B                               


3.   He presides the House of Commons                                       C


4.   They are the members of House of Lords



 It  lies on the table when the House is debating                                  D

















Questions 6 – 12

Read the text. Choose the right words and write a letter on the line.

Example Books   А            only for learning at school, but you know that!

6 How do you choose a book? __________ you look at the pictures? Some people do.

7 Many books __________ by people in the libraries.

8 Lots _________ us like reading in bed. 9 Many people ___________  to read their books on transport

10__________ they are going to work. 11 You __________do your choice 12_____________________


Example               A) aren’t                       B) isn’t                     C) not

6                            A) Did                          B) Do                        C) Does

7                            A) will be borrowed     B) are borrowed        C) have borrowed

8                            A) by                            B) of                           C) on

9                            A) could                       B) should                   C) are able

10                          A) what                        B) when                     C) why

11                          A) must                        B) can                        C) may

12                          A) youself                    B) yourselves             C) yourself


Part 2. Grammar

Questions 13– 20

Choose the right form. Circle the right variant

13. It … since 2 o’clock .

      a) was been raining    b) has been raining      c) have been raining

14. My friends … in London for many years

      a) was been living      b) has been living        c) have been living

15. Nick … since Monday

      a) wasn’t been eating  b) hasn’t been eating  c) haven’t been eating

16. My tooth hurts. I ….. go to the dentist.                                                

      a) must                        b ) have to                    c) should   

17. You have a sore throat you’ll… go to the doctor.   

       a) must                       b) have to                    c) should                                                                                            

18. You …. work on Sunday.

       a) must                       b) have to                    c) should        

 19. Mobile phones… by millions of people every day.

       a) are used                 b) were used                c) will be used

 20. Texts … by my friend last Sunday.

       a) are translated          b) were translated        c) will be translated


Questions 21 - 25

Indentify correct and wrong sentences.

Example: My father can play the guitar. – Correct.

21. You can not buy the tickets. ___________
22. I must complete a painting by tomorrow. ______________
23. Children should respect their parents. ____________________
24. May I to come in? ______________________
25. I were able to sing very well, when I was young. ___________________


Part 3. Writing

Question 26

This is part of letter to Ann. Answer her questions.

Write your letter in about 70 words

Прямоугольная выноска: I learn some foreign languages they are French, Chinese and German. What foreign language do you learn? When this language can you help?













Questions 21 - 25 Indentify correct and wrong sentences

Questions 21 - 25 Indentify correct and wrong sentences
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