Презентация по английскому языку "THE PLACE WHERE WE LIVE IN"

Презентация по английскому языку "THE PLACE WHERE WE LIVE IN"


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The place where we live in.pptx

Task 1. Do you know the names of the rooms ?

What is this room?

What is this room?

What is this room?

What is this room?

What is this room?

What is this room?


What is this room?

People can prepare breakfast, dinner or supper in this room.
Women usually spend much time there.
We have a fridge, a sink, a table, a cooker and a cupboard in this room.

Task 2. Guess these rooms

There are beds or a sofa in this room.
You can see a little table and a wardrobe there.
People have a rest in this room.

This room is not very large.
We take a shower or have a bath in this room.
You can clean your teeth, wash your hands and face there.

Families get together for the meal in this room.
They have breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper there.
There are some chairs and a table in this room.

There is a TV set, a wall-unit, some chairs and a sofa in this room. Some people have a fireplace there. We can see some flowers on the walls. There is also a carpet on the floor. It is usually the largest room in the house.
People watch television, listen to music, or sit around and speak there.

You can see a table, a chair, a bookcase and some shelves on the wall in this room.
There are books and magazines on the shelves.
You can read books, do your homework or write a letter in this room.
Your parents can write a report, read important letters and work there.

This room is not very large.
People take off their overcoats, hats, boots or shoes there.
There is usually a mirror and a little table there.


Task 3. Guess the word and write it

It is a thing that helps us to read when it is dark in the room.
It is a thing where we keep our clothes.
They are things which are usually on the windows and make the room lovely.
It is a thing in the kitchen to cook our food.
It is a place we can live.
It is a place where flowers and fruit trees can grow.
It is a thing we usually travel by.
It is a thing where we can sit and read before the fire.

a wardrobe; a lamp; curtains; a cooker; a flat; a garden; an armchair; a car

Task 4. Guess the riddle

Task 5.
Do you know English proverbs about home?

Task 6. In this dialogue the replies are all mixed up. Put them in the right order.

- Where is 5 Green Street, please?
- Sure. What do you want?
- Excuse me. Could you help me?
- To the corner and then turn to the left?
- Walk to the corner and then turn to the left.
- Thank you.
- That’s right. And then walk two blocks to the traffic lights. And you are in Green Street.

There is a big house in the middle of the picture.
The house is yellow with a red roof.
There are two windows in the house and one door.
To the right of the house there is a green tree.
To the left of the house there are two flowers.
The first flower is red, the second flower is blue.
Under the tree there is a black dog.
On the tree there is a fat grey cat.

Task 7. Read the text and draw the picture


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